It is 100% certain that oil and coal will surge dramatically in 2013

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  1. Nobody cares about 2013! Tell us what will happen in the next 15 minutes with gold or crude oil. :cool:
  2. So put the fucking trade on and stop looking for reassurance.
  3. If we just use a few of the "few" remaining intact atomic bombs, the demand for electricity and coal might fall short of forecasts.

  4. those energy sources are doomed.

    they pollute the air and will be taxed exponentially in the next few years to incentive the shift to greener energy sources. this will have a dramatic effect on their demand.

    hence i wouldnt bet on that horse.
  5. Don't know. But the future is 100% uncertain, contrary to your title.

  6. This stupid article supposed Iran is bringing nuclear energy online, as opposed to say nukes. This alone discredits it. Anyone stupid enough to believe Iran is interested in energy is not worth reading.
  7. not quite true i think.... Iran would want to build both actually .... nuclear plants and weapons... simply because of what oil will be in the next 25 years.... oil prices will surge as its used up and no one is willing to invest in other sources.. oil is used in everything .... at some point iran is gonna want to keep what they have for themselves... not want to use it for fuel.. build nuclear power... use oil for the things they cant replace .. like plastic production.. rubber.. manufacturing. replace the rest with nuclear power.. then they are going to want to protect it... we are greedy when its 40 bucks a gallon for gas tell me americans arent going to scream invade.
  8. pitz


    Long CCO here.

    Just wish they'd get their damn mines all back into production.
  9. True, but you need a catchy title.
    As much as you need a good first impression.
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