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  1. I've been trading fulltime for a month. This is my 5th week. Just made the jump to 200 shares. In no way have I figured out the markets, or found a holy grail, or find my trading absolutely perfect. But it has clicked.

    I feel like it just suddenly clicked. I feel as though I've put together all the pieces to the puzzle......Meaning I've understood the in's and out's of price action within my system well enough to be profitable. Pyschology ? Not perfect....definitely holds me down at times.....but the key is price action.

    Many traders have a problem of letting profits ride. Well I had that problem. BIG time pyschological barrier. Prevented me from making big money, especially in the mornings where trends seem to be more prevalent. Was exiting based on emotion. Even when I tried to exit w/o emotion, I still did it. Focused, still couldnt do it.

    Then I began to see patterns within the trend....the way price is moving. I am starting erode the barrier of pyschology and emotions by getting a firmer grasp for how price moves. I still have much much more learning of price action to go.

    But today it just hit me. I know I can become consistantly profitable now if I just watch how price moves and adhere to my strategy.

    I think many traders fail b/c they haven't reached a certain level of understanding of price. Once u understand price action, the emotional aspect begins to slowly wither away. Definitely not completely, but enough to prevent disasters.

    I know I'm babbling, but I think this is an important step in my trading career. I feel like I've reached a 'level 2'. A step where I feel many traders never reach. This is definitely a turning point.

    Thoughts anyone ?
  2. Believe me, you THINK things have clicked but they havent fully. We all experience epiphanies as we go but you dont go from 0 to consistently profitable that quickly. You probably have experienced an increase in understanding which knocks down walls for you and this is good. But believe me, you still have a LONG way to go. I thought the same thing as you after about the same amount of time, only to be knocked back a few rungs. Repeat this over and over and eventually things will click. But dont get overconfident just yet, MANY have gone through exactly the same thing you are only to regress, then progress, then regress again. All the while you get better little by little. Then one day, if you are still at it, it really WILL click and then you will be able to make money consistently. You wont know why or what exactly put you over the hump but you'll be there.
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    Try to remember how this feels because it will get you through the tough times. Trading will not always be this easy, infact I recommend you scale up while you're on a streak and have a plan to cut down if you feel yourself getting into a tough patch. Good luck buddy.
  4. congrats brother!

    personal and professional growth is awesome.

    keep the success stories coming.
  5. completely agree. I have a 'higher level of understanding' but I know everything hasn't clicked just yet. Good advice, appreciate it
  6. Sounds like you are on the right path... but also sounds like the market's going to give you a smack down pretty soon. 5 weeks you just can't possibly know shit. It's good you made strides but in this business you always have to change strategies and things can stop working very very suddenly. Just remain humble and keep learning.

    It could click and you could make money every day for 3 months, coming in confidence, patience, and discipline, until something big changes in the market which you hadn't foreseen owing to lack of experience, and it will feel like day one again. That's the cycle of trader development.
  7. Not quite. However, you are moving in the right direction!

  8. You have been trading for 5 weeks and you just made the jump to 200 shares and your trading has "clicked". Thanks for reminding me why this website is such a joke
  9. Its obvious you didnt even read my post from that response. Thanks for the comments idiot.

  10. Hahaha so true. I have had that clicking feeling at least 8 times over the past 3 years.

    Cold actually triggered another one in me recently. I barely use indicators at all anymore, that was one of the first clicks.
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