IT engineer compensation in a hedge fund

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  1. saminny


    Hi - what is the typical compensation for IT programmer doing systems development and data management in a hedge fund? (base + bonus)

    I currently work in a ibank and wondering if I should switch over.


  2. Madoff was paying $300k for his IT guy to keep the IBM 286 machine, green screens, and golfball printer using line printer paper working. Good Luck :)
  3. moron28


    Are we talking about Peter M. here? heh heh heh ... :D
  4. Pretty funny. My first printer was an old IBM Selectric-style "golfball" printer I converted to run off a Z-80 computer. Somewhere around 1980?

    Sure made a racket, but it worked!
  5. Definitely switch. Nothing under $100k and an easy $50k performance bonus or options.
  6. saminny


    someone with experience or knowledge please reply..

  7. saminny


    even in this economy? I am currently already earning 100k+ but hardly any bonus.. are the hedge funds awarding so much bonus ~40% even in this bad economy?
  8. DaveN


    Hi Sammy,
    If you have an account on LinkedIn, you should look through some of the groups there (e.g. High Frequency Trading, Algorithmic Trading, Electronic Trading, etc.) as there are job postings, some with pay and bonus, but more importantly, there are other IT career and skill sets (and recruiters) in the membership. You'll probably get a more direct answer to your question.
  9. saminny


    I couldnt find anything. Can you give me a link?
  10. MGJ


    I've noticed that membership in the IEEE seems to add about +25k extra to the job offered, initial salary when we hire IT people. And each publication in an IEEE-published, refereed journal is worth (VERY approximately!) +20k if you're the lead author, +5k if you're author #2 thru N. So if you're in that category of charmed candidates, *Be* *Sure* *To* *Mention* *It*. Some types of engineers get paid more than others; why not take advantage if you can!
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