It can be done guys...Made his money in CME futures..

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  1. That's hilarious!
  2. Yeah, only LOSERS wait 1-2 years for their Lambo! :D
  3. You missed the most important point clowns.

    This guy did not make his wealth via "Trading".
    He deals in real "Commodites". He has "Tangables" not Intangables. Hard core plastic, steel, aluminum, leather, rubber CARS SON!

    He is a rainmaker, a "Private Equity" guy in the High end car business, the Middle man between Money and Things.

    This is how you build real wealth. Putting Deals together for "Tangables" be it Oil, RE, Equipment, Cars, Manufacturing etc.

    Keep playing your Xbox of 1s and Zeros. Where .01 % truly make 100s of millions and maybe 4.09% make 7 zeros, while the rest 0f the lot make nothing more than the average desk jocky.

    Keep drinking that Kool aid boys and girls.
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  6. dang, the girl is a nice beard, but it doesnt get any gayer than that
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    Spoken like a true failed trader.

    Keep cold calling people from your apartment with deals from your..........ummmm.....LLC. Hilarious.
  8. I it just me or does this guy show up everyone pretending to be a swinging dick. What is his real story eprado?

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