It Came From Wasilla...

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    Yep she is insane.
  2. You'd be smart to be serious.

    Palin is an albatross around the neck of the GOP.

    I first called it the day McCain named her as his Veep choice, with an offensive to some title, 'Who is this dumb bitch?'

    Had she been a male, the title would have read 'Who is this stupid bastard?'

    If the GOP doesn't get the hell away from Palin, and trend towards the Romney mold, it is forever doomed.

    Palin is to the GOP what Lani Guinier was to the Democrats in their meltdown phase; toxic contaminant. In fact, Guinier played a big role in pissing off so many moderates in this country that it boosted the fortunes of Gingrich's Contract With America and that Congressional season for the GOP.

    I won't take a political bet, but I do believe Gingrich is on to the threat that is Palin (threat to the viability of the GOP), and is trying to run interference while his party tries to pull its head out of its ass.
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    Was serious of course. She appeals to the worst of the Republican party. That on top of her being a disgrace is a recipe for disaster. I think the future of the party should belong to Boehner. Or they should just dissolve the party because they are a clusterF. Rush Steele and Palin. I'll pass.

    Let me edit and throw Cheney in too. And all the neo-cons. And Pat Robertson and that crew too lol. What a mess. I guess you put all that in a pot, stir, and Palin slithers out.

  4. The GOP really should morph with libertarians. But they won't, because they are as beholden to special interests as Dems are, and no special interest groups or business groups are going to back libertarians.

    Libertarians have to figure out a strategy to get the type of grass root support that bolstered Obama's fortunes, but in a much more aggressive way, as Wall Street backed Obama big time, and that resource won't be available to libertarians, ever.
  5. How sad that the Liberals at election time knew so much more about Palin then their boy Obama.
  6. How sad that you can never put together a substantive, intelligent and responsive post longer than one sentence that doesn't contains the name "Obama"

    Jackass (I had to include that to make this post 2 sentences).
  7. Why are liberals so afraid of Palin?

    I am not a big Palin fan, but seeing the hatred that the left spews at her, she must have something good going on.
  8. If you were really paying attention, savvy liberals aren't. They embrace her as they know she can only hurt the GOP.

    If you don't think my Lani Guinier analogy, on the flip-side, is spot on, then you must've not experienced that episode of American Political History.

    The fat, meaty center of the American Electorate does not like extremists of either flavor.

    Obama won by successfully portraying himself as far less liberal than he is, and there's no chance that Palin will ever duplicate his success (in portraying herself as far less uber-conservative, especially socially).

    She's political burnt toast. The insiders who run the GOP know it and will thwart every move she tries to make.

    Wait and watch.
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