It Begins. Holder Announces Plan To Ban Semi-Auto Guns

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  1. The NRA predicted it. I predicted it. Some scoffed, saying Obama was "middle of the road" and "respected" gun rights. Yeah right.

    That sound you heard was the thud of hobnailed boot of the leftwing police state Obama and his thug in chief, AG Eric Holder, envision. Step one, seize our guns. Holder today announced an ambitious plan to ban all "assault" weapons, which they generously define as guns capable of semi automatic firing. Since most liberal sknow nothing about guns except that they detest them, Holder and his crew can confuse them to think that military machine guns are being banned. In reality, the ban would make illegal many common hunting, target and home defense firearms. Also banned would be mags of greater than 10 round capacity, which presumably would outlaw high capacity pistols that are pretty uniquitous now.

    Among the more laughable explanations for the ban was to prevent export of such weapons to mexico. Here's a novel idea. How about securing the border instead? There is no proof that american guns are flowing to mexico. Cheap "assault" weapons can be bought easily on the international black market, and the kinds of machine guns being used in mexico's drug wars can't be legally purchased here anyway. As usual however, Obama's thugs don't need to worry about facts, since an adoring lapdog media will only repeat their talking points and attack anyone who raises questions.

    It's amusing to see how casually liberals dismiss constitutional guarantees after they spent 8 years wailing about Bush supposedly shredding the constitution. The Heller case clearly established a personal right for self-defense firearms. Now Obama would make the most effective types of weapons illegal.

    The NRA has a plan for dealing with actual firearms crime. Put people who use guns in violent crimes away for a long, long time. It's proven to work, but liberals don't like to put actual criminals in prison. They prefer to turn lawabiding citizens into criminals. One thing is certain: all those people who rushed out and bought guns after the election knew what they were doing. the way things are going, they may need them sooner than anticipated.
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    Sounds like it's time to start thinking in terms of 1776.
  3. Booo hooo freakin hoooo...

    Look, if you want guns in this country, there isn't any way to stop it, right?

    At least that is the argument I hear all the time when illegal guns end up in the hands of violent criminals...the law can't stop those who want guns to get guns, simply because the NRA and the lobby refuse to crack down on illegal gun sales.

    So nothing is going to change. You are going to be able to buy your guns, and ammo, and shoot people if you like.

    Look, if someone comes to your house to seize your guns, just shoot them.

    That really is what you want, right?

    An opportunity to kill someone with your guns and they cry second amendment...

    Oh, and by the way, if the gun owners were forced to pay heavy taxes on gun and ammo to help pay for the prisons to keep the criminals off the streets...

    But that would mean more taxes for the gun owners...

    Tax the shit out of the NRA and use the money to build more prisons, have better law enforcement, etc.

    But the truly unAmerican unpatriotic clowns like the NRA members just want guns without the responsibility or the cost to have them.

    Ya, ya, ya, blah, blah, blah...

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    The republican American way, a cup of joe, a loaded gun, a six pack of Bud and non stop whining about America not being safe...victim mode to the max.

  4. This may come as news to you, but plenty of "assault" weapons (including machine guns) can be purchased at gun shows in Reno, Nevada.

    And for what it's worth, the NRA has made numerous contributions to Senator Harry Reid.

    "Nevada does not require private gun dealers to run background checks, purchased guns do not need to be registered, there is NO waiting period, and there is no legal limit to the number and type of firearms that can be purchased."

    Is it any wonder why Richmond, California is the highest per capita homicide rate capital of California?
  5. Great idea.

    Turn off your electricity and gas to your home, cut off your cable TV, turn off your indoor plumbing, get a horse and buggy, get some wooden teeth, live like the Amish...

    Great progressive thinking there fellah...

  6. This is just another example of the outright hypocrisy of the right wingers.

    They pushed in favor of spying on Americans and the very invasive privacy destroying Patriot act...but go apeshit at the idea that guns need to be accounted for, registered properly, and in the hands of responsible people.

    Childish thinking at best, stupid for the most part.

    The right wingers don't want a safe America at all, they just want to get drunk at saloons, get in fights, and shoot people.

    The cowboy dream...
  7. You don't seem to understand two basic points. One, there is a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. By contrast, there is no constitutional right to make calls to al qaeda in pakistan without being monitored.

    Two, all these so-called gun nuts and NRA members you despise so are not commiting gun crimes. When right to carry laws were being passed, liberal made exactly the same hysterical argument you are making, namely that our streets would turn into Dodge City, with gunfights erupting regularly over minor inicdents. Didn't happen. Not only did it not happen, but states and cities with right to carry laws are statistically safer. Turns out thugs are not so quick to jump people who might be carrying.
  8. There are rigorous licensing requirements to legally own a fully auto machine gun. You can't just waltz into a gun show and buy one, even in Nevada.

    Gun show sales by private individuals, ie not gun dealers, do not require background checks, etc, but they do require that the purchaser be authorized to purchase a gun. A DC resident can;t go to a Virginia gun show and buy a handgun. It's illegal and they won't sell it to you.

    I suspect the reason for Richmond's homicide rate has everything to do with who lives there and next to nothing to do with Reno gun sales. If your logic was accurate, states with liberal or nonexistent gun laws would show far higher rates of gun violence, but they don't.
  9. Be "authorized"?
    Don't make me laugh. :D

    You are so terribly wrong that I don't even know where to begin. In fact, you have very little idea what you are talking about.

    1.) There is no state restriction on the sale or possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons in the State of Nevada.

    2.) There is no state requirement that there be a waiting period for gun sales beyond the "instant check" in Federal law. Police are not given any additional time to run a criminal background check to make sure the gun buyer is not prohibited from acquiring firearms.

    3.) There is no state requirement that criminal background checks be done on all firearm sales.

    People buying firearms at gun shows, swap meets, or through newspaper or internet advertisements are not subject to a background check. Criminal background checks are only required if the buyer goes to a federally-licensed gun store - all other sales are not subject to the background check.

    No state requirement that a Brady criminal background check be done on people buying guns at gun shows if they are sold by "private" individuals or gun "collectors." Gun shows can operate on a "no questions asked, cash-and-carry" basis, making it easy for criminals and even juveniles to buy as many guns as they want at gun shows, including assault weapons. No records are required to be kept on gun show sales by private individuals or gun collectors, making it almost impossible for police to trace such weapons if they are used in a crime.

    4.) There is no state requirement that handguns meet any basic safety standards. No requirement that guns be sold with a child-safety lock or a built-in personalized lock to prevent unauthorized use. The state Attorney General is not allowed to independently establish handgun safety standards.

    5.) Nevada - State law does not require firearm owners to report lost or stolen firearms to law enforcement.

    6.) No state requirement that gun owners register their firearms. State law forbids police from keeping any record of gun sales. Police are prohibited from maintaining gun sale records that could be used for gun tracing and criminal investigations. Police do not know how many guns are in the state or where they are. The lack of registration data makes it more difficult for police to trace guns used in crime, identify illegal gun traffickers or hold gun owners accountable for their weapons.

    7.) No state restrictions on gun-trafficking such as a limit on the number of handguns that can be purchased at one time. Gun traffickers can easily buy large quantities of handguns at gun stores and resell them on the street to criminals.

    8.) State law does not restrict selling handguns to juveniles under the age of 21 by unlicensed sellers. Under federal law, only federally licensed dealers are prohibited from selling or delivering handguns or ammunition for handguns to any person under the age of 21.
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    I hope he bans personal nukes, too.

    Give the deer a chance, I say!
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