issues with tradestation software

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ashatet, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. ashatet


    my tradestation crashes 20 times a day, I have a top of the line laptop, I called the tech help at TS and they told me that I have too many processes running. None of my other processes crash like this POS, I like TS other wise...
  2. C99


    I would say their tech support is right, it has to be on your end. Have you checked their network status page? It should be all green lights because they are the most rock solid platform ever.

    Their software was written in the mid 1950's, and they are microsoft certified compatable with all operating systems released since windows1959 SP 5038. You've definately fucked up somewhere, but it was not in choosing tradestation as a broker. oh, wait, they aren't a broker so they can't be held responsible there either.
  3. why do u use tradestation?
  4. TraDaToR



    However, I am running TS 8.2 Build 3896 and I really have rare crashes. I just have problems to connect to my account information in the morning sometimes...The real problem of TS is the quality of datas...

    It can be related to other things.