ISRG up on prostate news, but new study shows prostate should often be left alone.

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  1. not surprising , could even be the case for other forms of cancer.
    Cancer is a cash cow for pharma, doctors and the whole healthcare sector.
    And btw have you ever heard of someone who actually died from cancer not from the side effects of the therapy ? Chances are you haven't because it seems that most cancer patients do not die from cancer.
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    Read "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell, PhD. It will likely change your life:

    If this was required reading in every educational institution in the world, ISRG would rapidly become the next CROX.


    4.5 years cancer free; no chemo, thank you.
  3. I would not be surprised if everybody in the world would switch to a nearly vegetarian diet, also global warming destruction of rain forests, erosion of living standards etc. would be solved by 50% at least.