Isreal has declared open war with Lebanon :D

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. this is all b/c of republican and bush policies. At the beginning of 2000 it looked like a new era of peace was about to rerupt, but cie lie vie. The republicans screw it up again :D
  2. You are a tool. Get back in chit-chat where you belong.
  3. i thought a soldier was kidnapped
  4. I think it's more like Lebanon & Palestine have again initiated violence and Israel is defending itself -- blame the Arabs when you're paying $4/gallon
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    i dont think it is necessary for this kind of behaviour when someone expresses an opinion.

    i guess you must be fairly new to this business as international affairs such as war tend to have an effect on world markets.

    or perhaps you think more murdering of innocent citizens by fascist regime backed by the usa is insignificant and the reason it should be 'swept under the carpet' in chit chat.

    the truth is that this will affect the stock market, and in future the energy markets too. not to mention the share prices of companies like caterpillar who supply the israeli fascist party as people cotton on to the evils of israel. the church of england for example have already sold off all their holdings in caterpillar and other companies who supply israel in their bid towards ethical and moral investments.

    how about the vatican? they are one of the worlds most wealthy organisations and i am sure they may take a stance towards ethical investments too.

    how do others see this affecting the markets that you trade?

    the cme has started to trade shekel futures - fundamentally i guess this is a good short for the long term easy money.
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    what have the arabs got to do with chinas demand for energy?

    i dont think israel is defending itself as it is not being invaded. just a couple of lousy cannon fodder soldiers got kidnapped. big deal.

    does america go and flatten columbian cities every time an american is kidnapped over there? of course not. america is more civilised and mature (sometimes)
  7. "Israel has declared open war with Lebanon".....That is not a reputable news headline. Therefore it should not be in the WALL STREET NEWS section of ET. It belongs in chit-chat.
  8. <b>It only 'looked' that way to the ignorant & naive.</b>

    I was warning Israelis about Arafat's fake treaties and "phased plan"* since 1993. Naturally, few listened.

    *The PLO phased plan for the destruction of Israel: Get as much land as you can by signing whatever Israel wants. Once you have the land, attack the weakened and diminished Jewish State. During the Oslo accords era, Many PLO leaders (including Arafat himself) openly stated in Arabic that the peace treaties are just a means of accomplishing this phased plan.
  9. is it true?
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    What's a big deal if isr would chase some scum around & teach them a good lesson.
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