Israel's Next War Is vs. Egypt

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  1. Israel defeat against Hebzollah, and its looming defeat against Gaza, had made it insist on a force to monitor (from Egypt side of Pal vs. Egypt border) on monitoring and stoppage of arms for Gaza.

    So Israel is laying the trap that it would use to start a war on Egypt.

    The Egyptian are soundly sleeping and thinking that they are friends with Israel.

    Israel only understands and believes in force. Israel has no friends but interests. The next time it will go after Egypt to destroy its airforce and humilate it, using as pretext something like "images show that Hamas smuggled a Grad missile via the broder, which is a violation of the Gaza War cease fire of 2009 on which Egpyt is signatory".

    The losers of Gaza War are (in addition to Israel) Egypt.
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    Israel's next war is with Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Al-qaeda.
  3. Lebanon is firmly in the Western Camp.

    The Christians and even moderate muslims kicked Syria out, the U.S. is modernizing Lebanon's Military as we speak, and the ultimate goal will be to undermine Hezbollah.

    There will not be any war between Israel and Egypt.

    Utter nonsense.
  4. 1. Iran: Israel cannot fight Iran. Iran will destroy israel easily if US does not intervene.

    2. Jordan: only of the small king is taken out from his throne.

    3. Lebanon: Hebz already defeated israel. No point for Israel to redo. The redo '06 war is what we saw in Gaza, and Israel has been defeated a second time. It is repeat of 2006 war, but this time against a smaller (the smallest possible) opponent.
  5. Time will tell. It is either complete peace (the most likely scenario), or a war against a big enemy.

    The mistake that Israel made now twice is to fight against a small assymetrical enemy. The risk of defeat is the same (even larger), and the reward is smaller.

    If Israel finds a pretext (such as from the cease fire if it succeeds to dupe Egypt in implicitely recognizing that arms pass through its border to Gaza) then they will try to destroy the Egyptian air force, and through it say to the Arabs that we are number 1 in the middle east. That is the only way they can re-establish deterrence.

    Arabs now think that Israel is a joke, and they do not comprehend how their armies were " routed in '67". The recent events support the theory of those who have been saying that their leaders sent those armies not to fight but to be beaten so that Israel creates a deterrence, and that the Arab leaders were playing it with the zionists. Recent releases of previously classified documents also support the thesis since the Jordan King was an informant of Israel while "fighting Israel" with the arabs, and have access to battle plans and schedules. There was also the brother in law of Nasser who was informant.
  6. Should we take our 5Billion per year in Foreign Aide away from Egypt or Israel first?
  7. Probably peace. With all the justified criticism of Olmert he completely secured Israel's northern border with Lebanon 2.5 years ago and now that Hamas is surrendering, the southern border with Gaza is secured as well. Syria, Jordan, Egypt, even the West Bank have all been absolutely quiet for a long time so chances are pretty good that peace will break out in the Middle East in the next year or two.

    Hamas seems to be willing to accept the Egyptian initiative, which is almost a kind of surrender agreement for it.

    U.S., Israel close in on deal to halt arms smuggling into Gaza

    Oh, and regarding a war with Egypt or Jordan. Come on guys, it's high time to tell us what it is you're smoking.