israels military being humilated

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  1. lol the most high tech wepaons on earth and they can't defeat 2000 hezbehllah's. 10000 hezbelloh's would take israel out. even the idf soildiers are amazed at there enemy's ability. 2000 arabs are putting up a better might than all the arab countries in the 1967 war
  2. They are still facing stiff resistance in Naqourah, Aita Al Sha'ab, Markabah, Mtallah and Al Taybah!

    They have flattened all of these villages yet they cannot move past these lines.

    In case you wonder where these villages are...Well! You could spit and your spit will end up on their side of the border.

    No wonder Mr. Bolton met in a hurry with his French counterpart to come up with a solution that could save Israel's face!

    Well zionist bitches...Like Emil Lahoud (A Christian Political leader) told you... " You will not get anything through UN resolution that you did not succeed in getting through war and destruction.

    And you will still lose your little bambinos...You will still lose your most advanced tanks and it will still rain over you!
  3. They thought that it will be a war against two rusted Jordanian tanks like in 1967!

    These morons did not learn a lesson from their war with the PLO in 1982.

    Listen zionist...You aint got it babies.
  4. Don't fool yourselves IF Israel really wanted to escalate this war they could 1) Roll over Lebanon, Hezbollah, and Syria like a steamroller with 400 or 500 thousand troops instead of the 20 thousand or so they have committed at present, or 2) Simply nuke them and really be done with it. At present they have less than 20% of their military forces deployed in this battle. What I feel like they mostly underestimated was the International support they would get from keeping it "limited". They will commit whatever they have to to get the job done. If it takes 30% of their forces ok, if it takes 40 % okay but dont under estimate Israels ability to win this battle. The ragheads are getting jollies at the notion that they are "humiliating" Israel. The irony is that this "humiliation" is the tool of the ragheads own destruction.
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    They depend on Israel’s reluctance to wage total war. Add that to Hezbolla shooting rockets beside women and children and you effectively rendered the Smart Bomb obsolete. Hence the perpetual stalemate.

    Sooner or later, Israel will be forced to wage total war if it wants to survive. It’s the only way to smash civilian hope and passion for the destruction of Israel, and stop their desire to pass this hope down to more and more and more children in the years ahead.

    Only then you’ll stop seeing people like Wael born and raised from all over the world, impregnated with the passion to juice up the moral support for Israel’s demise in the stateless territories. If there’s no hope, even Wael wouldn’t bother and do something else more productive and worthwhile.
  6. Shit, sam..........
    You remember the last guy to wage "total war"?
    The expression, on a small scale, was "blitzkrieg", and sure it worked to an extent.
    Back to topic, conventional army can "show results" re;body counts, re; "winning hearts and minds", in a manner that makes good television.
    Sorry, aint gonna happen.

    That is one f**ked up shitfight over there, nothin gonna change it.

    Im just sayin, the israeli military doesn't care if some fool "thinks" they are being humiliated.
  7. the rag tag's are making israel look incompetent taking out 10 today. the ratio is 10 arab lives worth 1 jew.hezbollah is louring the jew ground forces into hell jUST as the irazq's did with the maerican's. THE MIDEAST IS PANDORA'S BOX OF SATAN AND HELL. IT SUCKS YOU IN AND WON'T LET YOU OUT.
  8. Somebody please explain to me the muslim definition of victory.

    Is it not being completely annihalated in less than 3 weeks?

    It seems to me that Isreal isn't plowing through Hezbollah but there are a lot more muslims dying than isrealis and Isreal isn't being pushed back they just aren't going forward as fast as expected.

    Ultimately no matter what happens the only winner will be the terrorists because it just radicalizes more muslims.

    Until muslims realize that violence has gotten them nowhere and choose negotiation instead the world will live in the endles cycle of violence.
  9. Lebanon kidnapped 2 israeli soldiers, in retaliation Israel (using 1% of its military capabilities) has wiped out half of Lebanon. If this is supposed to mean that "Israel's military was humiliated" I can only advice Lebanon or any other country to abduct two more Israeli soldiers.
  10. you're right victory is not being completely destroyed. israel is using america's most sophisticated weapons and is expected to win in days and they have not. so this just makes hezbollah worhsipped in the arab world as standing up to the bully and millions more will come to fight. the best thing israel can do is give back every inch of pre 1967 land put there wall up and go about there lives. if the arabs still screw with them then they have the right to annihilate the country's screwing with them. till then this will go on forever
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