Israeli Terror cell busted in Canada

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  1. Just the facts.

    The highest levels of law enforcment are dealing with an International terror cell who threatened our banking system, and tried to hack the Pentagon. They were determined to strike us and our freedoms and compromise national security.

    While you guys are running scared from an imaginary muslim bogeyman....

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    israeli spies in america )


    Fri, September 5, 2008

    Canadian and U.S. law enforcers say they cracked into the crimes of highly sophisticated computer hackers now accused of stealing nearly $2 million from a Calgary-based company.

    And an Israeli hacker self-dubbed The Analyzer -- who hacked into the Pentagon several years ago -- is among four alleged organized criminals nabbed in Montreal after a nine-month investigation by cops in Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver and U.S. Secret Service members.

    Calgary commercial crime unit Staff Sgt. Gordon Bull said the suspects tapped into the Calgary company's database over the Internet, making pre-paid debit cards with falsely inflated values they then used to make cash withdrawals at ATMs throughout Canada and other countries.

    Most of the Canadian withdrawals were in Montreal.

    Cops would not name the company targeted, but said it has locations across Western Canada.

    Bull said about $1.8 million was stolen over several months and video surveillance, with analysis of computer data and old-fashioned police work, led to the arrests.

    "This is a significant amount of money," he said.

    Investigators have not ruled out additional suspects and victims.

    It appears to be the first crime of this type in the city.

    Police said the company can pursue the accused through the civil court system to try and recover the money, or a judge may end up ordering them to pay restitution.

    Ehud Tenenbaum, 29, of Israel, faces six counts of fraudulent use of credit card data and fraud over $5,000.

    The following three individuals, all of Montreal, face various fraud-related charges -- Priscilla Mastrangelo, 30, Jean Francois Ralph, 28, and Sypros Xenoulis, 33.

    All the accused, except for Tenenbaum, were granted bail pending court appearances in Calgary.

  2. They aren't terrorists with an idealogical bent really are they? Just high tech thieves seemingly.
  3. Lol, an Israeli hacker is a terrorist, an organized group of hackers is an Israeli terror cell... TT2, do they actually provide internet access to patients in Canadian psychatric hospitals?
  4. Does this mean that you, TDog, and the other assorted lefty Canadians will concentrate on your own country for a while and ensure that Canadian authorities are properly coddling these would-be terrorists and not torturing them?
  5. If you ever find yourself out of breath, you may wish to pop your head out of your ass. I think you'll find it quite refreshing. Terrorists should be dealt with harshly. The problem is that some of you gung-ho types don't always take the trouble to properly verify who is and who is not a legitimate terrorist. Perhaps you should look at one of those over-eager good ol' boys the wrong way and find out for yourself. Or, just as effectively, piss off the wrong person who will then pass on some "intelligence" about you that some asshole in charge will accept at face value. Wouldn't that be poetic? Unfortunately, some dubious allegations of innocent people supposedly being terrorists are about as well vetted as the suitability for office of some vice presidential candidates.
  6. W4rl0ck


    In the US we have a terror cell manipulating the financial system and creating destitution among the citizenry.

    We call it the "Fed". :)
  7. Indeed.
  8. Well, what I see in this thread is that common hackers (criminals that they are) are accused of being terrorists just because they happen to be Israelis. Of course given that this particular smear is coming from a left-wing radical idiot there does not appear to be any outrage from his left wing buddies. Nothing to do with you personally of course but if the thread accused a muslim of being a terrorist the reaction of left-wingers would be quite different (even if that muslim was caught red-handed).
  9. Speaking only for myself, I despise terrorists and wish them a speedy trip to hell. However, a grave will do. I don't care about their origin, but I do care that it be incontrovertibly determined they are indeed actual terrorists before they are dispatched. Also, I don't like using the term lightly, and I do wish that others felt the same way.
  10. Well, it's nice to know that you feel terrorists should be dealt with harshly. Didn't know I was a "gung ho" type, though, and I'm not sure which "good ol boy" you recommend I take a look at and/or piss off to experience their sloppy vetting techniques.

    Anyway, it's so reassuring that our Canadian brothers to the north are still looking out for us non-vetting Americans. Thanks!

    p.s. I agree with you that Biden is a lousy VP choice and the Messiah's camp did a lousy job vetting him. :D
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