israeli occupation

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  1. Dude, that chip on your shoulder is the size of the mid Atlantic...

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  2. You've got to be kidding me, ten minutes ago you wanted to wipe israel off the map and now you are lecturing me on extremism, in your previous post you de-facto denied Israel's right to exist and justified killing of as many Israelis as possible and now you are talking about morality and the world's opinion - the same world by the way that created Israel in 1948. And please read some history books if you are interested in this conflict, concentrate on years 1948, 1967, 1970, 1973 if you want to find out who was the aggressor from day one.
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  3. what the fuck are u talkin' about...sheesh playin' victim has become a way of life for u innit. i said that if u invade MY country and try to occupy it, killin' my people, i do everythin' in my power to drive u out, let's say i wage all out war at u.
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  4. Good, I agree, Israel has been attacked and invaded multiple times since it was created in 1948 so based on your own criteria it has every right to wage an all out-war against the invadors and if part of this war is the occupation of the agressor's land - so be it.
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  5. whatever man, arguin' with u dont make sense. we are talkin' about palestinians here and u treated 'em like sub-humans, attackin' em and grabbin' land with no provocation. continue to justify your actions and rationalize every act of aggression u made, that's gonna alienate u even further. what's so tough about admittin' mistakes? un portray your country as perfect and incapable of wrong doin'. never in a mln yrs i would side with everythin' my country has done over the centuries and am shameful we joined hitler and were led by mussolini. u on the other hand are a fuckin' brain washed puppet. talkin' to u is the same as talkin' to a politician, same shit comes out of your mouth.
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  6. read my posts carefully before postin' this humongous pile of rats droppings.
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  7. LOL, the refusal to recognize Israel's right to exist, the wars of 1948, 1967, 1970, 1973, two intifadas, thousands of terror attacks, cross-border kidnappings, rocket attacks... No provocations my ass, you're insane... BTW did I mention the dancing on the streets on 9/11?
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  8. ror, u refused the right of palestine to exist as well, 'till long ago u didnt even let 'em raise their flags, .the intefadas were born as a result of your aggressive occupation, same the attacks and the lot. u committed atrocities as well, and they all resulted in a disproportionate number of dead. u are both a pain in the ass, no question about it but u are grabbin' land in the first place, u cant expect your enemy to shut up and put up with it. would u?

    good nite.
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  9. Bitstream its always been my opinion that muslim people in general should study more foreign history. The days of Saladin and Co are over for your people.

    If you have ever studied proper history ull see that the only resistance movements which were ultimately successful long term were peaceful. Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Mandela these people are all legends BECAUSE they lead peaceful revolutions. Precisely the reason why arafat will always be a footnote in history compared with these men.

    Palestinians will never get a state from israel as long as they continue to believe that violence will get them one. The palestinian cause is a noble one and one which i support deeply. I think that many people including israel would love to see an independant palestinian state. However it has been hijacked by short-sighted extremists who believe in instant revenge rather than constructive dialogue. Relatively you have one of teh nicest occupiers on this planet. make good use of it.
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  10. Huh ? How about Vietnam, East Timor, Zimbabwe, China, Cuba, the American revolutionary war, Algeria and many more.
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