israeli occupation

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  1. Israel Currently occupies the west bank and well partially the gaza strip. There is much criticism of israeli actions in the gaza strip and west bank

    Now i have a question. Here is a hypothetical situation which will illustrate a good point as to why israel is actually dealing quite nicely with teh palestinians.

    You have a choice of 6 occupiers of your country (Palestine)

    1) Serbia
    2) Russia
    3) China
    4) Rwanda
    5) Columbia
    5) Israel

    Please vote as to which occupier you believe would deal with the palestinian state and cause least harshly
  2. excuse moi but why on earth u think any of those country would occupy palestine in the first place.
  3. Its an exercise designed to make you understand that there are much worse occupiers out there than israel.

    Palestinians have the unbelievable opportunity of actually having a rational occupier who will negotiate if given the invitation.

    DO you think russians, serbians ever gave chechans and kosovars a chance to negotiate? do chinese give tibetians a chance to negotiate. did Hutu's give Tutsi's a chance to negotiate?

    No they just went and did the simple thing and killed the opposition. The palestian cause would have been crushed a long time ago if any of the countries on the list were the occupiers instead of israel. I simply point out that palestinians with their current uprising are wasting an unbelievable chance to negotiate with a rational, sane occupier
  4. :p :p :p omg tell me thats just dave letterman taking the piss........ does harebrained come to mind?
  5. I think every country and the citizens have the right to try to make the occupiers' life hell and force them to leave.

    As for occupations, I believe imperial england was one of the best occupiers when compared to the dutch, portugese, spaniards and french. Maybe that is why the english were able to maintain their hold on power over the occupied lands much longer than the others. The commonwealth of nations is a good example of these occupied nations willingness to work with the occupiers.

    As for palestinians, I believe the Israelis are the best of the lot you described. However, again, an occupier is an occupier and you gotta do what you gotta do.
  6. Ultimately Isreal at some point will no longer be an occupier and the Palestinians will rule themselves which will prove to be much much worse, it always is.

    Nobody is responsible for more muslim death and oppression than other muslims.
  7. Yes, there probably are worse occupiers, but does that make their occupation right?

    No, of course not.

    Logical fallacy by Israeli supporters, of course.

    Here is an analogy that demonstrates the "logic" of the initial post.

    If a woman had to be the victim of a rape, who would a woman rather be raped by?

    1. An aids infested man.
    2. An escapee from prison who is in prison for rape.
    3. Her father.
    4. A gang from the inner city.
    5. George Clooney.

    See how stupid your comments really are?

    Rape is a crime, period. Occupation is an act of aggression. Period.

  8. a woman being raped by george clooney is rape?

    damn learn something new every day
  9. That is your "logical" retort to a woman who would be the victim of rape?

  10. traderob


    I think teh women was very lucky to be raped by George as against the Aids guy or gang. If she were a raving leftist nutcase though she might not see that.
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