Israeli man, suspected of 20 stabbings and 5 deaths in the US, is caught

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    Possibly responsible for twenty racially motivated stabbings in Michigan, Ohio and Virginia, causing five deaths, is caught while boarding a flight to Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Police say the chain of attacks began on 24 May.

    Their investigations were focused on Flint, where 16 attacks took place, until police in Leesburg reported three attacks.

    Police in Toledo, Ohio, then reported a stabbing on Saturday that appeared to be connected to the other stabbings.

    Investigators say the attacks follow a similar pattern - the attacker approaches black men at night in urban areas, asks for directions or help with a broken-down automobile, and then stabs the victims with a knife.

    The stabbings have occurred on average about once every four days since the end of May. The victims have mostly been black.
  2. What would the anti-Muslim rhetoric be if this was a Muslim man from a Muslim country in the middle east?
  3. LOL! What was the person's name? Where is the verification that he was Israeli? Why did you leave out the link? LOL!!!

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    There was a guy that drove a jeep in LA back in the day... he would drive up like a drug buyer and shoot the dealers... it went on for quite a while, not sure they ever caught him, likely nobody cared that much either...
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  6. Watch how fast this story leaves the media and we never find out what happens to this guy.
  7. Holly fuck! You would've seen phenomena foaming from both sides of his mouth.
  8. Sadly the MSM left out a small part of the story.

    An Arab Israeli has been arrested in the US on suspicion of killing five people and wounding 13 in a stabbing spree that spanned across three US. 33 year-old Elias Abuelazam was detained late Wednesday in Atlanta while he was trying to board a flight to Tel Aviv. He was arrested at the departure gate, after being paged by a Delta Airlines representative and getting up to identify himself. Police suspect Abuelazam is behind the attacks that have taken place over the last two-and-a-half months in Michigan, Ohio and Virginia. It is suspected that the method of operation was to...
  9. He was carrying a Israeli passport and boarding a flight to Tel Aviv when he was caught. His name was not initially released when the story broke.

    His name is now released as Elias Abuelazam and police has found that his fingerprints match prints taken from Virginia and Michigan stabbings.

    He is probably an Israeli Arab and probably a Catholic, according to his former mother in law.

  10. At first, I thought this was a "man bites dog story". It turns out the post was deceptive and contained no link to the story.

    The truth is an Arab murders innocent people. This is not big news. It is an everyday occurrence. This is a dog bites man story.
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