Israeli leader's WWII analogy draws fire

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Copernicus, May 23, 2004.

  1. Yosef Lapid is an ignorant bastid who cares not for Israel... it is my view that he should be swiftly expelled from Israel and be forced to live amongst the Palestinian dogs in the Gaza Strip...

    As he is a Holocaust survivor, one would expect a tad more rationality from Mr Lapid... if he is not with Israel, then his sentiments are clearly aligned with the Palestinian scumbags...

    Eretz Israel!
  2. What a complete dickhead.

    So an old woman searching through the rubble of her earthquake demolished home would also then remind him of the Holocaust?

    In case it isn't clear to this fucking piece of shit, the Nazis' interest was in destroying jewish people, not jewish homes (of 'jewish militants'); quite the contrary to what you have in Gaza.
  3. Agreed...
  4. Jews who betray Israel are traitors and must face the fate of Vanunu...

    Eretz Israel!!
  5. Yeah, comparing to the Nazis would be a little heavy handed (he didn't actually do that).

    Comparing to the Chinese military's oppression and their justfication for doing anything they wanted as a quelling of militants is probably a more appropriate analogy than the Nazis.
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    If the Israelis treated the Palestinians as the Chinese did their dissidents, then this thing would have been over in 1967, when the first Palestinians were invented.

  7. I didn't say they were efficient - merely oppressive.
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    I would like to hear your parallels between the Chinese treatment of their own, vs. the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. Does it go beyond a simple, convenient and glib barb?