Israeli Jets 'Incinerate' Fleeing Family

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    Israeli Jets 'Incinerate' Fleeing Family
  2. thank you Hamas and Hezbollah for starting a regional war.
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    The body of a child is seen at the site of an attack that struck the vehicles of villagers evacuating out of their village, on the main road near the southern border village of Ter Harfa, Lebanon, July 15.

  4. The Lebanese government is accusing Israel of using phosphorus incendiary weapons. I hope this is not true.
  5. Don't you guys get it yet?

    The US has given license to Israel to do anything they want - no questions asked!

    They can 'Incinerate' whoever and whatever they want - anytime they want.

    Remember, as Bush puts it, they're fighting "terrorists." And Muslim children grow up to be "terrorists" same as the rest of the Muslims.

    Just label it a "preemptive strike."


  6. G8 blames Mid-East 'extremists'

    The statement - issued after hours of difficult negotiations - calls for the release of three captured Israeli soldiers - one in the Gaza Strip.

    It also urges militants to stop shelling of Israeli territory.

    It blamed the immediate crisis on "extremist forces", including Hamas and Hezbollah, which it said wanted to destabilise the region and frustrate the Palestinian, Israeli and Lebanese peoples' aspirations for democracy and peace.
  7. Hey coinzy

    I notice you've toned down your anti-semitic rhetoric. I think I recall you posting here that the Jews are responsible for creating and spreading the AIDS virus.

    Do you still believe that?

    I do recall that the post was subsequently deleted by the mods. Sorry if it's not you I'm thinking of (there are a whack of anti-semites around here), but I'm pretty sure it was you.
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    American Tax dollars hard at work. I'm sure the Americans will veto the next UN resolution calling for moderation. Good work USA, you're impartiality is well noted.
  9. Sometimes in war, diplomacy & 'proportional responses' fail to resolve the conflict.
    Sometimes, the only way to get <b>your point*</b> across, is to cause a Dresden or Hiroshima.

    Despite having the military capability to cause such pain to her enemies, Israel hasn't done it... yet. Hopefully, the Peace Loving Muslims™ wake up and get the message- Before, instead of after, Israel is forced to resort to such measures.

    *The simple point being conveyed, in case you don't know, is: <b>"DON'T FUCK WITH US!"</b>
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