Israeli jets cross over into Lebanese airspace.

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    They're the bullies of the region but for the rest of the world try to portray themselves as victims. And obviously no-one could criticize too harshly because the anti-semitism card beats everything in the deck.
  2. ? don't get me started, we were drivin out of Bulgaria, Russia, Poland and lost everything in Germany, now here we are, and everybody around us wants to kill us.

    Here we stand, no more running

    piss me off once, I'll piss you off twice
  3. The Israelis have an aggressive and competent military. It's nice having someone in the region to do our dirty work for us.

    When it comes time to drop a bunker-buster bomb on the Iranians I'm sure it won't be a USAF plane that does it.
  4. the more people die, the cheaper houses will be!!!!

    what's wrong.....I'm a capitalist!!!!

    this is why they bomb cities. to buy back property cheap!!

    you think they worry about us humans?????

    time to get the stealth bomber up and running...
  5. Perhaps they (Lebanon) should stop whining about it and do something.
  6. after WWII, anybody that was still alive tried to go to England or USA, but once the quota was filled they didn't know what to do with us. So they sent us all down to Palestine. At that time, the only person that was of less consequence than a jew was a Palestinian.
  7. naw, by hook or crook, here is where we ended up, and isn't it convenient the Bible they read in Alabama says this is where we should be?

    after all, it was written by G-D
  8. to say phook israel is like saying phook guantanamo

    neither can be phooked
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