Israeli ground troops enter Gaza

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  2. Fewer Hamas members trading.
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  4. Long GDX (etf of the gold miners, who between their cost of operations - falling energy prices - and the price of their principal product rising are looking at absolutely minting money over the foreseeable future). Pull up a chart, it looks beautiful. Monday was promising to be sweet anyway; this will put some icing on that cake.
  5. go long, short falafel. gitch/falafel spread.
  6. and probably living and breathing as well :D

  7. will this cause a sell off ?
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    Hamas terrorists = Family fathers who fight against the jewish cancer called Israel. Before 1946 Palästine was a peaceful country and then the jews arrived. THey found out that Palästine forgot to claim to be a state and so some people from other side of the world jumped in and founded Israel. Since then they brutally expanded and now there is only 10% of palästines left.:)

    The same shit happened before. 500 years ago europeans came to america and reduced the indians from 60 000 000 to 850 000. They couldnt read and write so that gave enough reasons to slaughter them like animals and steal their country.:)

    You of course dont know that because you watch tv and israeli propaghanda. Ever wondered why israelchick is always on tv and never in 60 years some one from palästine?:)

    And now put on tv and watch how little kids throw stones at US- made helicopters and shot selfmade rockets against high-tech weapons sponsored by rich foreigners.:)
  9. They tried entering on Friday at 23GMT, and they were defeated in the first attempt. Israel denied it yesterday, 24 hours later facts show that Pals tell the truth, Israel only tells lies, deceives, and commit genocide against babies, elderly , females, and unarmed civilians.
  10. "UN is meeting this evening (non-previously announced, but probably pre-planned just like W. radio address which was released a day in advance which poses the question of whether he knew what was coming).

    Do you know why the UN meeting?

    The reason is that if they get word from Israel that they have casualties, or matters are difficult, they will pass a resolution so that Israel uses it as a cover to say we retreated to please the international community.

    However if Israel does well in its entry to Pal. watch for foot dragging, and delays to give time to Israel to kill more babies, females, elderly and unarmed civilians.

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