Israeli diplomats car bombed in India

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    If India is found to be behind this, we strongly need to consider war with them for attacking our allies.

    We should also give more weapons to Pakistan to show the Indians that if they mess with Israel, we will arm their enemies.

    God bless USA and Israel in any future war against India.
  2. Didn't India also vow "to wipe Israel off of the map"?
  3. Can't tell if troll or average American...
  4. India is a threat to our security and is an enemy of Pakistan, which is our key ally in the war on terror.

    We should strongly consider taking out Delhi and Bombay.
  5. There's no place called Bombay in India.
  6. Bombay was what the Brits called whatever its called now. India was best under British rule. The Brits gave India railways, democracy and rule of law. Now India poses a terrorist threat to several of our allies, including Israel and Pakistan. India is also at odds with our key trading partner, China.
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    JakeJones, you're concerned about threats to Pakistan whilst also advocating launching attacks on them?

    In all seriousness though, I realize that your posts here are supposed to be a parody (though many seem to take them seriously), but they are neither funny nor good satire.

  8. India also has Nuclear weapons.
  9. Yeah, thats another reason to get them Indians.
  10. The Chinese are just using us, so are the Paki's.
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