Israeli army chief sold stocks hours before war

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  1. i second that and it is already happening. palestinians are already declaring that they will use missiles to 'subdue' israel, like their big brothers from the north. i think the clash of cultures between modern society and mulsim extremists will eventually spark a world war, very likely within the next decade.

    that probably being the case, the head general of the israeli army being concerned with his miniature portfolio while devoted terrorists are willing to happily sucrifice anything and everything to hurt israel, is a very worrying phenomena. he should step down.
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    Why does the world cry about Dan Halutz selling $26K of stocks when using his power and contacts he can make millions a year just by moving items on the board.
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    Yeah, maybe that was his next step. A no-bid contract from Cheney himself!! :D

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  7. what are u on crack?
    he's got rights hasn't he, he knew war was comin' and had to protect himself and his family but all the other isrealities investors had to take it up the arse...yeah sounds like fair to me.
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  8. Could bsmeter be sandy burglar, uh I mean berger, Clinton's NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR, in an alias?
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