Israeli army chief sold stocks hours before war

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  1. Here's a chart of the action for a week beforehand, didn't show up under hot-linking above:


    yea, shorting the firms that had offices inside the towers as well as the insurance companies is a sure bet as well. Also going long on the weapons manufacturers is another sure thing. Any one of these trades by themselves may not mean much, but combined all together just shows the extent of insider trading. And... the cover-up afterwards just makes it worse.
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  2. Look at the action in BA and LMT the weeks before the attack. The ADR on that pair went crazy, it had 5 point swings. Thank god I had the intuition to stop trading the thing before the attack. I know someone who lost 20 points on that pair, or very near to it. The big money was made in these two stocks...and I believe someone knew! NO BS commision report, completed by schmucks that really have no clue on how the markets and players really work will convince me otherwise.
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  3. Well, if you want to base it on morality, there's a lot of other things Isreal's doing that I find much more troubling on a morality standpoint. A little insider-trading is the least of my worries. If the guy shorted companies and businesses he had on his list of bomb-targets OTOH, I'd be a little more upset.
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    The fact of the matter is that other thoughts should have had a priority to liquidating his positions. I would be more concerned with the decision to commit 15,000 troops to battle. That issue has a little more weight than some miniscule $27,000 portfolio.

    BTW... he was selling short his own ability to wage war against the enemy by liquidating. His actions don't show much confidence in his military.
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    he does not lack confidence in the military but the busybody politicians deciding on tactics.
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    Unfortunatly it works out to be the same thing. I have watched this war and could not believe that Isreal fought a war with both hands tied behind its back. I do not think it will bode well for them in the future as it will give the folks in their neighborhood the impression that maybe this time they could beat them. I think that by the way they fought this war they gauranteed themselves another one, a much bigger one, in the not so distant future.

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  7. at least u got the balls and the intelligence to say it as it is; very few have the courage to accept the fact we've been duped. maybe seekin' the truth is too painful, innit.
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    Why wouldn'ty they? Or at least who could really stop them? Even aside from them - Nasrallah, Khamenei, Ahmadinejad , Kim Jong Il all have "material inside information" and I can't imagine who could really be expected to stop them from acting on it. Cheney would do it in a heartbeat, but he would get caught and he knows it.
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    The funnies thing is when you hear Nigeria militia err government blowing up oil pipelines. These blow ups are all fake. They fake it so that they can long the s*** out of oil futures. They make money selling higher oil to US and selling oil futures at inflated prices. But the market is getting tired of these techniques and that's when it gets dangerous i.e. 9/11.

    Cheney is worse than all because he takes money from his own people.

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  10. their enemy being light years less moral then them, i don't blame israel for what they do. however, that guy should not have concerned himself with his token portfolio at such a critical time.
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