Israeli army chief sold stocks hours before war

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  1. I heard he had a pre-existing stop loss order. Or that's what Martha told me anyway.
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    Al qaeda makes all their money shorting global markets before they release a new tape or attack and they will continue to do so to fund their attacks. Of course this is my own speculation but I'd not be surprised if this holds true.
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  3. that's what they want u to believe...the investigation was carried out after massive pressure from the public, suspectin' some1 [american born] inside the us had foreknowledge of the events ... obviously the fbi and the sec conviniently got to the conclusion that it was the it was not alqaida realted to divert attention that maye more than one person acted in full knowledge of what was goin' to come...also there are numerous other transactions in many other securities affected by the attacks and none were investigated...nevermind the fact a huge put premium has not been collected yet.
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  4. One buyer. Hedge fund. He bought 115,000 shares of stock also. They weren't even OTM puts. Right ATM.

    You must be a kool-aid drinker. If someone wanted to allude SEC detection they'd do the trade OTC.

    And if you believe the story of someone not "collecting"'re an idiot.
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    I do not believe the military guy did not think there would be war. Israel's stated policy was that if soldiers were kidnapped there would be war.

    A better story from him would have been "I knew there would be war, I had to clear my mind on all possible levels to deal with my responsibilities so without thinking about the consequences I sold off my portfolio at a personal loss to myself"...... I know these things.... :D
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  6. How come he didn't buy every put he could get his hands on with his "insider information"? :confused:
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  7. It's not must on 9/10, the activities had spiked the week leading up to it. The records were never ever released (like the blueprints & engineering details of the WTC). How the 9/11 Commission came up with their data is suspect considering the "science" used in the analysis of the building-collapse. Also don't forget that thousands of private individuals was deputized by the SEC to "investigate" the insider trading. Basically as an official, they cannot disclose or discuss anything they know about the trading activities. Look up the firm that handled the trades, Banker’s Trust-AB Brown . Then see who the ex Vice Chairman was and what position he held at the CIA...


    To believe anything put out by the 9/11 Commission is the epitome of living in denial.
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    This selling is big issue in Israel. It would mean nothing if he had smashed Hizzballa but he didn't.
    It is not appropriate to call your broker while your soldiers are being killed.
    IMHO people with such influence on the stock exchange should not be allowed to participate in the local market.
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  9. it's a moral issue. i think he's an asshole. it seems that so is the opinion in israel as well. he will probably be forced to resign. who knows, he might then become a daytrader and start hanging out with us here. if he'll be as good in trading as he was in handling the recent war, he'll go bankrupt within a week.
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  10. one buyers? get bent, u are a cretin. if it was one buyers the suspicion would have become enormous since it wasn't only the airlines that spiked in put tradin' but all the insurers [especially those occupyin' the buildings that went down] and weapons manufacturers. otc my arse, first u can't leverage your arse with otc the same way it has been done buyin' those premium, second what kinda otc shit was affected by the attack? those transaction were after maximum profits in the shortest periods of time...shall i say lottery tickets? and the premium not collected ain't a story, has been reported on bloomie and other tv networks and numerous financial newspaper. at least do the effort of bringin' forward a decent argument against facts not the senseless crap u posted.

    ah, and by the way all the puts were otm...deep enough to count for a decline expected after an event like 9/11.
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