Israeli allies bomb Arab terrorists

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    Finally some good news out of the middle east. 15 terrorists are no more!

    The USA is right to call the Arab attacks of terror 'cowardly' and the Arab League is just plain stupid to label Israel's actions as a 'massacre'. Killing terrorists should be celebrated, not condemned as a massacre!

    God bless USA and Israel.
  2. Its not too often that we have cause to celebrate over successes in the middle east.

    The positive and happy news in this thread gives us all cause for optimism in the war on evil.

    Terrorists must learn that if they terrorize the civilized world, the civilized world will swiftly unite the terrorists with their 72 ugly virgins (they can't be pretty, or they wouldn't be virgins).

    God bless USA and Israel. We will never forget 911 and we will together ensure that Iran and Syria are brought to the knees before another 911 can happen.
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