Israeli air strike "deliberately" hits and kills two U.N. observers says Kofi Annan

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  1. U.N.: Israeli airstrike hits U.N. observer post

    BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- An Israeli airstrike hit a United Nations post in southern Lebanon late Tuesday, killing at least two of the agency's observers, according to the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon.

    The U.N. initially reported that four peacekeepers were dead, but later said there were two dead and two missing.

    Lebanese security sources said the two missing observers are feared buried in the rubble of the building.

    Daniel Ayalon, Israel's ambassador to the United States, said that "UNIFIL obviously got caught in the middle" of a gunfight between Hezbollah guerillas and Israeli troops.

    "We do not have yet confirmation what caused these deaths. It could be (Israel Defense Forces). It could be Hezbollah," he said.

    UNIFIL sent a rescue-and-medical team to the city of Khiyam, and the team was trying to clear rubble early Wednesday. Attacks in the vicinity continued as rescuers tried to reach those killed or injured, UNIFIL said.

    UNIFIL said there had been at least 14 incidents of fire close to the post since Tuesday afternoon.

    U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said he was "deeply distressed" by the "apparently deliberate" strike.

    "This coordinated artillery and aerial attack on a long-established and clearly marked U.N. post at Khiyam occurred despite personal assurances given to me by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that U.N. positions would be spared Israeli fire," he said in a statement.

    "Furthermore, General Alain Pelligrini, the U.N. force commander in south Lebanon, had been in repeated contact with Israeli officers throughout the day on Tuesday, stressing the need to protect that particular U.N. position from attack."

    Ayalon called Annan's statement "outrageous," while Israel's U.N. ambassador, Dan Gillerman, said he, too, was "deeply distressed" that Annan alleged that the strike was deliberate.

    "I am surprised at these premature and erroneous assertions made by the secretary-general, who while demanding an investigation, has already issued its conclusions," Gillerman said in a statement.

    The IDF said it was looking into the report, which came as U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice proposed an ambitious plan in which international military forces would help the Lebanese government stabilize southern Lebanon, Lebanese political sources said.
  2. You can't even state the truth in a title even though you highlite in bold the portion where he states "apparently."

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  3. Annan thinks it was deliberate, apparently...

    That is his thinking, the main point is his belief that the strike was deliberate.

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  5. What is so funny about this, and so predictable from a slobbering on all paws Pavlovian reaction from Bluto....

    What is so that Fox News Sheppard Smith just said:

    "United Nations Secretary General Kofi Anann accuses Israel of deliberately targeting a U.N. post, a post, a post that has been high atop a hill for some 2 decades..."

    Wonder why he didn't say "apparently deliberate..."

    Too freaking funny....

    Yall know that if Fox News says it, it must be true....

  6. Typical Z-GOD/EVADER intellectual dishonesty.

    Your title claims that Annan says the strikes were deliberate.

    The actual text says that Annan says the strikes were APPARENTLY deliberate.

    The title of this thread contains a DELIBERATE LIE by ZZZzzzzzzz.

    Typical lies from a lying troll.

    Too bad, because if you just stopped lying, you might actually be able to make some good points. But you have learned that you have to lie to propound your positions. This is probably because your self-esteem is so low that you don't believe that anyone would take you seriously unless you embellish.

    If you weren't such a compulsive liar, you would have used this as a title.

    "Annan says air strikes that killed two U.N. observers 'apparently deliberate'"

    Small difference?

    Yes, you would say that. That's how much you value words and ideas.
  7. Typical Z-GOD/EVADER evasion. We are not talking about what was 'just said on Fox News'.

    We are talking about your deliberate distortions in this thread.
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    And in case you didn't understand I will say it again. This is not about my feelings regarding the accuracy of the reporting about Annan's comments. It is about YOUR DISTORTIONS of the facts to suit your needs, as reflected in the discrepancy between the title of this thread and the text upon which it is based.

    I have had friends who relapsed back into alcoholism, as you apparently have, and I do not think it's a laughing matter. You showed once in the past that you can seek help, that you have it in you. Please go to a meeting.


    Nice editing of your post. Too bad I already quoted it.
  10. You didn't need to see it, I quoted Fox News Sheppard Smith. You read it.


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