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    Israel will never make it.

    They will be sold out by politically expedient moonbats in Europe who want appeasement with their own Islamic mobs.

    The American Left is too weak willed to shoulder the fight without "allies" like France and Germany.

    So LoZZZEr, since you think America was premo justified in fighting Hitler because he was at war with "friends" of America, do you extend the same courtesy to Israel? Should the U.S. treat Hamas, Hizbullah, Syria and Iran any differently than we treated the German people? Or is it the same tired mantra, "FDR was a liberal so he's God, Bush is a conservative so he's satan"?
  2. I am sure American will continue to be a close ally to Israel in terms of supplying diplomatic pressure, arms, etc. But I cannot see us fighting side-by-side with them.

    Israel knows they are on their own in the most dangerous part of the globe...

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    Reguardless of whether its side by side or not, close ally,yes;
    think the more accurate question is ANY of Israel's enemies alive in 2020??????????
  4. Exploding a nuke and killing civilians in the West would be a black eye that Islam would never recover from. I think one of them will do it anyway. But they're struggling with image problems as it is, so I think we will be somewhat protected as the mullahs are not complete lunatics. They're sociopaths who have no problem killing women and children, etc. but, even so, they think somewhat logically and strategically.

    Nukes - the kind that would come in a suitcase - are very expensive and not as devastating as most layman think. I doubt they could ever "take out the US", but they could of course cause considerable loss of lives and incredible psychological damage.
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  6. A pre-emptive nuclear attack on Iran (both Tehran and Iran's nuclear facilities) would probably guranteee Israel's survival for the next 100 years. If they can't be loved, they can sure as hell be the scariest motherfuckers in the neighborhood. The question is whether they have the guts to actually do it and I am not optimistic.
  7. Israel's problem is that it is trying to be three things at the same time and they are mutually exclusive. Israel wants to be 1) jewish, 2) Greater Israel and 3) a democracy. Israel needs to pick 2 of the 3.

    1+3 will require giving up all claims over the occuped territories and the disputed borders with Lebanon and Syria

    2+3 will mean the end of the homeland exclusively for the jews.

    1+2 will require either ethnic cleansing or depriving a larger and larger proportion of the population of equal rights

    Some hard choices need to be made.
  8. Actually, a small but important point in the link is that very soon Israel will, due to demographics and population growth, be predominantly arabic/non-Jewish. They simply cannot maintain the status quo - it's just not going to work...
  9. And here is yet another reason Israel is in trouble: they no longer maintain communications superiority over the Hezbollah. This is apparently a huge strategic displacement and will change warfare in the area forever:
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