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    anyone trading in israel? how much is it to get internet access and what are the tax ramifications (assuming i am an american citizen) also anyone know how much a small office with connectivity is in israel?
  2. how about the personal safety implications?
  3. prices in israel are the same for connectivity to the net as here,office space is cheaper,and you don't need to report everything especially if you get paid here. email if you need help with connections over there.
  4. Once of my friends trades from Ramat Gan (nr. Tel Aviv)... been there once... anyone trade from around there?
  5. Andover brokerage is in ramat gan thats where the day traders are
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    The hell with the rest of us?

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    I believe Schonfeld has or had an office in Jerusalem. I think ETG may have one as well, don't quote me.

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  8. Cool... I didn't realise Andover was in Ramat Gan... my friend trades out of his own place, but when I next telephone Israel I will mention that Andover is based in his neighborhood, so that he can make some contacts...
  9. more than 1 or 2 firms left in Israel for traders

    the tax code there has changed or will change soon

    I would be curious as to the commissions and payouts
    and licenses req to trade there.
  10. Contact the email adress in the post; one of my traders was using my computer when he posted ...
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