Israel will strike Iran (possibly just in days)

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    Israel ready to strike Iran?

    Informed sources in Washington tell Newsmax that Israel indeed will launch a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities soon - possibly in just days as President George W. Bush prepares to leave office. The reason: The time clock has begun to run out. Iran is close to acquiring a nuclear device under the control of its radical president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Mohamed ElBaradei said in June that Iran would have a nuclear weapon in as little as six months. That six-month period has passed. Reports of Israel's decision to imminently launch strikes, although unconfirmed, would seem to contradict the Bush stance outlined in a front-page New York Times story last week, which asserted that Bush rejected a plea from Israel last year to help it raid Iran's main nuclear complex. - NewsMax
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    The USA shipment will arrive in Israel after January 25. Does this mean Israel will continue military operations in Gaza for further 30 days more?.

    Nobody knows the actual contents of USA shipment to Israel. Military will never share "serious information" with World media.

    I think Israel will bomb Iran with the help of USA shipment.

    Reports indicate that the USA is seeking to hire a merchant vessel to deliver a massive shipment of weapons to Israel. The shipment is said to include Guided Bomb Unit-39 (GBU-39), that use GPS to find their way and are able to penetrate deep fortified constructions
  3. I say let Israel attack Iran, then immediatly announce the USA has ended all ties with israel
  4. Good for a nice spike in crude
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  6. this actually wouldnt be a bad time to get a nuclear war overwith

    the midwest has enough snow, that it can be used to insulate improvised fallout shelters

    parts of that snow can be hollowed out to use for fresh water

    i remember seeing a propaganda film on youtube made in 1950, 2 journalists, yacking about how anyone who leaves the city in a nuclear attack is a traitor

    i laughed, realizing that the media has always been scum

    if i were in a city, under attack i'd open a can of get the fuck out
  8. the amazing thing is, there are actually a fair number of so called Christians (John Hagge for instance) , who actually WANT a nuclear war in the Mideast, they WANT everyone to get vaporized so that Jesus will come back and save them, and send everyone else to hell

    what a perverted view of Christ's teachings

    stupid dangerous people
  9. it'a actually not a bad idea to think about fallout shelter protection, if yolu dont live inside a metro

    it is possible to protect yourself, even in your own home. it only lasts for 2 weeks

    not saying it would be fun

    but dumb to just die needlessly
  10. Good luck getting anywhere. I live in Houston, we evacuated for hurricane Rita in 2005, it took between 12 hours to travel about 20 miles. It was like that for a couple of days as people left at different times, AND not everyone left. Imagine EVERYONE trying to leave at the same time. (leave your car parked and walk, it will be much faster).
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