Israel to vote, Lebanon accepts cease-fire; Hezbollah says it will

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  1. sounds too clean

  2. 1. Israel states it will not cease fighting until the 15,000 person U.N. force is in place, the kidnapped soldiers are returned, and Hezbollah stops firing rockets.

    2. Hezbollah states it will not cease fighting until no Israeli troops are on Lebanese land.

    In short, this is a sham accord, mostly intended to help the more moderate Arab nations show their population that they have influence with the West. Similarly, a good move for France, because of their very large Islamic population.

    It's just smoke and mirrors. Israel is unlikely to stop until it has obtains the unequivocal surrender or destruction of Hezbollah -- which basically means completely raising Lebanon.
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    You mean: flattening and putting the country back to the timeframe in which the mindset of the population is (in this case: middle ages)

    It is the same as a child: you can give it a gun but that does not mean it is responsible with handling it. This is why a child should not have a gun.

    Knowing the average intelligence of the Muslims they should not try to play grown-ups, their society is not yet ready to particpate in "modern" behaviour. The Arab nations already acknowledge this by disagreeing for the need of a "new Middle East".

    It has been said that there are three certainties in life:
    One: we all die.
    Two: there will be change.
    Three: those who do not want to change and want to turn the clock back will not adapt to a new environment and will go under.

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    Is that anything like Raising Arizona?:)
  5. Yes, apologies to my fellow grammarians. I meant "razing/rasing."
  6. The Arab world was in a similar state of violent despotism during the seventh century. By the eighth century, Islam had embraced the learnings of other civilization and by the ninth century there was a Renaissance with great advances in science, which remain to this day. Moreover, Islam abandoned the "accept the Quran or die," mentality, and Arabic scholars and theologians regularly conducted educational discourse with all -- even Judaic scholars.

    But, by the 13th century, Islam had sunk back even farther than the seventh century thinking, to become a scattered array of nomadic tribes -- until the discovery of oil began to refinance them. And, now, today we have Islam right back to the seventh century idea that there is only one way to the truth.

    Only, there are other powers in the world today, and some of those powers will simply not put up with this bizarre notion that only Islam is deserving of existence.

    In the end, Islam will either assimilate or evaporate. There are no other alternatives.
  7. The U.N. resolution is indeed smoke & mirrors, but you should know that Israel is NOT razing Maronite villages- only muz villages which are active participants in this war.
  8. It's really amazing what just a few miles can mean to a civilization. I'm attaching a photo from a friend of mine in Israel (not saying where). In the foreground is a modern city, complete with a "Toys-R-Us." In the background, the smoke rising is from a Hezbollah rocket attack which had just occurred.

    The Islamic mullahs are nuts -- pure and simple. They are attempting to force their civilization to live in the seventh century, before even the Arabic Renaissance took place. But, if they'd just chill out a little, their people could quickly leap into the 21st century.

    Instead, they insist on the "It's the Quran way or die" position. And, despite their belief that Allah will allow them to prevail, in the end, Toys-R-Us will still be there, and the mosques will all be reduced to burned out cinders.

    There is simply no turning back the clock. Failure to get with the program will mean total annihilation.