Israel rounds up African migrants for deportation

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  1. Israel rounds up African migrants for deportation


    I'm not quite sure how this is news to us or has an impact on life in the US. We bitch and moan when the gov't interferes in our life and I suppose we want to interfere in theirs.

    Not sure but I think Israel is smaller than our country so they don't have the luxury of moving away from African migrants like we do.

    Oh yea, what has Obama have to say about this or is this something to address after the election? Funny how Obama pisses off Israel and now they want to ship Africans back to where they came from.
  2. I guess Jews are just racist.
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    What was your first clue?
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    Another good idea that we haven't implemented here.
  5. Hey, they are giving them 1,000 euros to leave. Thats like 6 months wages in their home countries. Pretty generous if you ask me. I have to say, if I was living in a country where the majority of people hated whites(like the united states) :p :p I would certainly take their money to move.

    Why would anyone want to stay in a country that hates them?
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    And never will. Abraham Lincoln and his successor blew it.
  7. Actually I believe lincoln set aside $500,000 to ship the blacks to south america. Of course this plan didnt get implemented because Lincoln wanted to go see a play called "Our American cousin" in the Ford theatre on the wrong night.
  8. If each of you send me 1000 euros I will go to Africa. I promise.
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