Israel rounds up African migrants for deportation

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    Now you might ask yourselves... "Why the does CTD care about this...!???? I thought that he was a racist!"

    Well... Allow me to explain...

    Jewish people have often associated themselves with the socialist left and have been heavily involved in promoting multiculturalism and the integration of minorities. As such, race mixing and integration was encouraged in western countries but not in Israel. I would like to ask a simple question of some of our Jewish members…

    Why is it that you feel so confident about forcing race mixing on every other country except Israel...!?

    Let's all note that Israel's policies and rhetoric is right out of a NAZI handbook! I expect outrage from the left and a demand to boycott Israel... etc... etc... :D
  2. Still no gf, huh:D
  3. I actually want an answer to that question... So how come you're not upset about what's happening to your African brothers...!?
  4. Because I am aware of aspects of Jewish history that you are not, so this move does not surprise me.:cool:
  5. Uh huh...! So let me get this straight... What you're saying is that you agree with it and that you wouldn't mind if we implemented similar race policies all over the western world!
  6. enlighten us please
  7. He didn't say that , you are.
  8. pspr


    Shhhhh. It's secret. Only RCG knows about secret stuff. :D
  9. No kidding... Really...!?

    AND yet he didn't condemn it or anything... Why is the left so silent on this issue, shouldn't they be outraged...? Bill Maher should be having a fit over this somewhere...!

    I'm pretty sure that they're all hypocrites...!

    Oh yeah... and shouldn't someone try to answer my previous question...!?
  10. Well I was going to say that, but thank you. CDT has an issue about black men and white women, so........
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