Israel rescues UK, destroys Russia, shames conspiracy nuts once again.

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  1. It's just soccer but...isn't it typical? Russia is a paper tiger, the Brits have to be rescued by someone with guts and conspiracy idiots prove to be....well...conspiracy idiots.

    The British tabloids adopted this conspiracy theory and took it as irrefutable proof of what would happen in the game.

    They expected the Israeli national team, for which last night's match was effectively meaningless because it had already been eliminated in Euro 2008 qualifiers, would not make an effort, thus helping Russia win and qualify for the finals at the expense of the English team. But the conspiracy theory shared by the media in both countries proved to be wrong...Israel won 2-1.

    Senior officials hinted jokingly to her that if Israel wanted to improve relations with Russia, especially concerning the delicate subject of Iran's nuclear program, it would have done well to see that the game ended with the appropriate score.

    The days leading up to the game were marked by a huge number of visa applications for Israel (which a cabinet resolution will shortly nullify). "Many of Russia's 'rich and famous' came to the consulate or sent representatives," Azari said. These include film and theater actors, television presenters, cabinet ministers, Duma members and senators, government officials and of course, the "oligarchs" - a euphemism for top Russian businessmen and executives.

    On Friday there was still talk in Russia about three deputy prime ministers, including former defense minister Sergei Ivanov, coming to the game, but an extraordinary meeting called by President Vladimir Putin ended those plans.

    No less interesting than these arrivals was the decision by a number of senior Russian officials to schedule meetings with Israeli counterparts within a few days before or after the game.

    Golan, Israel stun Russia to keep England's hopes alive...England was handed a massive favor on Saturday by Israel, who defeated Russia 2-1 on a 90th-minute winner from Omer Golan in a EURO 2008 qualifier...Had Russia beaten Israel, they would have all but secured a spot in the next round and likely sent England home, however the win by Israel now means that England can grab a spot in next summer's competition...
  2. "Just soccer" you say.

    Maybe it is, but 2-1 isnt exactly breathtaking, soccer is a stoopid game anyway.
    Isreal is tiny, but with vast reserves of ring-in's, what's the actual go here?

    Could it be, an actual game of sport, with little political inteference, occured here?


    Go Israel!!!!!!

    We still need to beat Croatia on wednesday to go through, which should be a formality....................


    dddooo, i hate to correct you, but its England and not Brits. Thankyou