Israel perfers Obama

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  1. It's quite ironic that people like you and typical huffingtonpost leftist lunatics and radicals who prefer no Israel are all of a sudden excited that Israel and the jews prefer Obama.
  2. Lucrum


    They excel at hypocrisy.
  3. No argument with the veracity of Israel supporting Obama from the klannish so far.

    Too freakin' funny...

    Just the dimwitted ad hominem fare of the ditto headed slobs on the right...
  4. Looks to me like he is in a statistical tie with no preference and on the question of who would be the better president, he is a clear loser to "don't know".

    I look forward to your adhominem-free analysis z, just like in your last post.

  5. Seeing is believing, unless someone is programmed for stupidity by watching Fox News...

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    Typical response from the dumb fuck, shit for brains, moonbat, PC NaZzi, argue about anything, drunken lard ass who's wife dumped him like a ton of bricks, cut and paste, hypocrite.

    Did I miss anything TrollZ?

    I want to be sure and do you justice.
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