Israel, our closest ever ally

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  1. Some people say that the limeys are our closest ally, but I disagree.

    For a start, the limeys harbor anti-semitic tendencies, have rotten teeth and rarely have a shower.

    But our Israeli allies trained us for counter insurgency warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Israel has been such a strong ally, it is our turn to help Israel in its time of need. Syria and Iran are messengers of Satan, since they seek to destroy what Israel, what the Holy Bible calls the land of God's Chosen People.

    Let's unite as Americans and support our best ever ally, Israel.

    May God bless USA and Israel in the war on evil terrorism.
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    Some say they don't give a shit what jack off jones thinks, I agree.
  3. We all know you and your ilk are either muzzies or anti-semites.
  4. I would imagine the Afghans have been a better ally to America than Israel in the war against terror something like over 7000 of them have died in combat against the taliban and al qaeda.
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    Israel is the source of all US problems in the Middle East. I say cut them loose.
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    Your incessant drum beating for Israel only makes those who support Israel question their support. If that is your goal, you are achieving success.
  7. Spend a few months hiking around the Middle East and report back to us.
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    LOL Especially along the Iranian border. :D
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    Max E.

    Why do you guys respond to this asspirate "jakejones?" He has had like 5 different handles, and on every single one he talks about nuking the middle east, and ends all his posts with "god bless Israel" the guy is just trolling like Bearice used to.
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    Because you aren't starting enough interesting threads to keep us sufficiently entertained.

    BTW, why do you keep responding to that liberal apologist, Rictor. I put him on ignore so I wouldn't have to see his posts and you just paste them into your posts so I see them anyway. No matter what position one of us conservatives takes on an issue or a story, you can count on Ricter to take the opposite view no matter how ridiculous that position is. His posts are just a waste of my, and others, time.
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