Israel nuking Iran this year

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Will Isreal liquidate Iran in the near future?

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  1. Yes, inevitable

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  2. I won't be surprised if they do

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  3. I will be surprised if they do

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  4. No, never

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  1. GordonTheGekko

    GordonTheGekko Guest

    The CIA announced Saturday (er, whistleblew...) that Iran has 5,000 lbs of low enriched Uranium.

    It feels like this will inevitably escalate in the very short term and the markets will react.

    If Iran is liquidated, will the markets bounce back? Obviously a bomb in Iran is a world apart from a bomb in NY harbor... lets be frank here.

    Would cash even be a good idea? Who's to say the USD doesn't take a hike too?
  2. USD could gain by flight to safety but if things goes out of control, as in WW3 scenario, all bets are off.
  3. kivd


    I was thinking about OTM Oil Call options, but I don't think Ill end up going through with it..... Having USD is probably better anyway
  4. Dogfish


    The first inevitably leads to the second
  5. JamesL


    They were supposed to do this a year ago, before the reactor went online.
  6. GordonTheGekko

    GordonTheGekko Guest

    Yeah, but 2.5 tons of material for bombs, not reactors?
  7. GordonTheGekko

    GordonTheGekko Guest

    I love the stupid fucking dumbass who takes the effort to rate the thread one star. As if everything is noobishness, home gamer!
  8. Lucrum


    Actually it takes THREE votes before a rating even shows.
  9. GordonTheGekko

    GordonTheGekko Guest

    No, it takes two, and I rated it.
  10. Lucrum


    I would think if ANY nukes are used in the middle east. It would escalate into WWIII. Trading/profiting will be the least of our worries.
    #10     Nov 7, 2011