Israel nuclear attack on Iran: conspiracy by an oil long?

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  1. Asia Times Online has many excellent articles on the interactions of China, Russia and US in central Asia, Iran and Iraq

    The Great Game on a razor's edge

    The 'not an anti-American' bloc

    See here for a list of recent articles on central Asia:

    The reporting on Afghanistan too is outstanding. One of the best online resources for analysis of the region.
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    Recent Iranian elections have been one by the reformers. Israel just have to wait for the President to be thrown out by the electorate.
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  3. Well said..
    how would we continue to tax countries like Iran if they failed to use Dollars?

    DER DER DER DER DER DER.....(pohpoh smacks his chest)
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    the head of iran is not blabbering nonsense, his country is fully capable of starting a nuclear attack. he moves forward because too many people like yourself believe that he is incapable of action.
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    what happens till the electorate throws out the president. do u have a timetable? people can have differences of opinion but lack of logic is inexcusable.
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  7. Asia Times has published some razor sharp analyses on the current events in Asia. I have been following them for a while now for great analyses.
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  8. I read the article and got this quote for you:

    scientists have calculated that although contamination from the bunker-busters could be limited, tons of radioactive uranium compounds would be released.

    Now, what do you think those tons of radioactive uranium compounds are going to do to the health of the people of Iran??? Do you really think it will just disappear into the air????
    Another point: Are you aware of the concept of international law????? It is totally illegal to nuke another country period.
    Just to give you an example you might understand a little bit better. Let's say I have a disagreement with the a guy across the street. He says he will run over me and my family with his car. So, what do I do? At night, I get couple of grenades and toss it into his garage to destroy his car to eliminate the threat and then calmly wait for the caps. For sure there is no way they gonna arrest me right. After all the guy threatened me right??? Wrong!!!!!!! I would love to see you try to explain to the caps you tossed a couple of grenades to this fellow's garage because he has threaten you.
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  9. Nonsense when he talks about Holocaust not happening. No need to be a CIA agent to know it happened. Even a mediocre history books have it well explained.
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