Israel nuclear attack on Iran: conspiracy by an oil long?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by scriabinop23, Jan 6, 2007.

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    OK, Politics aside. Is there any credibility to the original story? And will it have any affect on Monday's crude price?
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  2. It's all clear to me now. All that was needed was a some decent censorship, so that whatever horrors were (or might be) visited on the population of Iraq by the US military would be hidden from view.

    Don't you think a world view that seems based on "good guys" and "bad guys" is just a wee bit oversimplified ?
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  4. If you are talking about contingency planning, I don't see any reason to find it not credible. If you are talking about some sort of impending action, who can know.
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  5. exactly.

    abandoned colonialist efforts leaves its damaging marks all over this world, and is the often ignored key cause of 90% of the conflict we see today.

    if the guy didn't come off so anti-semetic, I might actually consider him likable and even right about the US' general stance towards the sovereignty of nations like Iran. But then he goes denying the holocaust, and credibility goes right out the window. Idiot.
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  6. Regarding credibilty.

    Israel has never admitted to having nukes, so unless they now offically announce otherwise: this story can only ever be a rumour...
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  7. i'm astonished at how strongly that reductive worldview has permeated clever minds very close to home. if someone believes that people are 'either good or evil' or that we're in the throes of a binary cultural struggle, it becomes nearly impossible to sincerely entertain the idea that our own leadership could be acting in conflict with our own interests a country, as a unified culture, etc

    after all, they're on 'our' side. cultivating armageddon is convenient for many interests here at home
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  8. Another VERY LARGE component (missed by many in the manipulated mainstream media) of the US surrounding Iran, in Iraq and Afghanistan for an "end game" play is - - - > China.

    Do you know why?
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  9. I have sometimes wondered how much of the fairly revolting stuff that has been said about the holocaust is the a reaction to the tag of Islamo-Fascist and similiar such nonsense coming from some quarters in the West. Something along the lines of "If you are going to call us Islamo-Fascists then take this !" Childish perhaps, but anymore childish than the stuff about "bad guys" coming out of the mouths of US generals and civilian leadership ?
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