Israel nuclear attack on Iran: conspiracy by an oil long?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by scriabinop23, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. old news ... this topic of israel or even a coalition of forces
    trying to "take out" IRAN 's nuclear capabilities has been
    mentioned or theorized for quite some time

    perhaps that was one of the reasons why the price of
    CRUDE OIL was so high to begin with or has stayed in
    a range close to $60 even with the mild weather around the
    world until this week ?
  2. Strath


    This story has been spreading over the net like a bushfire over the last 2-4 hours. The main stream media like Fox News etc are now starting to report it.
  3. dhpar


    this is not that surprising at all - I do expect Israel to take some sort of action on their own - as they always did in the past anyway. They really can't wait until Iran is ready to nuke them.
    And it is part of their military doctrine to overreact. I believe it would ultimately increase the international pressure to control nuclear program with more efficiency...

    2007 may be quite a fun! By the way Eurasia Group (one of the main research groups) has it as a main risk for 2007 for over a year now...
  4. zdreg


    overrreact? armchair generals and those who are not on the front lines always talk about overreaction.

    it is like medicine for an infection. there is the dosage most likely to kill the infection.
    there is the dosage that will keep the infection from hibernating and will definitely kill the infection.
  5. dhpar


    I used the word in a way that is being widely used (whenever you attack another country it is called an overreaction - and that goes even for US, e.g. initial attack of Afghanistan).
    Personally I do not think it is an overreaction to nuke them - especially when official Iran doctrine is to wipe Israel off the map.

  6. It is not????? You would not have a problem with killing innocent Iranian children, elderly and women because their stupid head of state is blabbering nonsense???? Wow , talk about being a terrorist.
  7. dhpar


    who is talking about killing children and old women in the first place - read the link what Israel wants to do and then talk crap - because you do anyway.

    Have you ever been to Iran?
  8. BSAM


    Like you said, he is their head of state. So, how would you know whether he is blabbering nonsense? Of course, I realize you can't reveal your possible association with the CIA here on, but.......... ;-)
  9. clacy


    This will happen in the next two years. That is likely the main reason we have moved an additional carrier to the Persian Gulf.
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