Israel kills militans, Hamas offers cease-fire

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  1. Fri Jun 16, 5:43 PM ET

    GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - An Israeli airstrike against suspected rocket launchers in the
    Gaza Strip killed one senior Palestinian militant and injured at least two Friday, the army and Palestinian officials said.

    Earlier in the day, Palestinian militants fired five homemade rockets into Israel, a day after the Hamas-led government offered to renew a cease-fire.

    Haim Ramon, a Cabinet minister in the ruling Kadima Party, said Israel was prepared to step up efforts to halt the fire. "If the residents of the Gaza Strip don't act and don't understand that the largest threat to their security is Qassam (rocket) fire, then we will have to increase our response and take steps we have not yet taken," he told Israel Radio.

    Hamas said Thursday it was ready to restore the February 2005 cease-fire. A Hamas official said the Islamic militant group was working to stop the daily rocket barrages against Israel.

    Israel responded favorably.

    "If it is quiet, we will answer that with quiet," said Mark Regev, spokesman for Israel's Foreign Ministry.
  2. The question is will Hamas let the UN or some other organization in the investigate the "supposed" investigation by Hamas into the rocket attacks.

    Ask WAEL what he thinks.

    I suspect the answer is no.
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    But remember, it's only a tiny minority (of a few million) that give the vast majority (of several dozen) a bad name.

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  4. A bit off topic:

    Ghana soccer player waves Israeli flag to celebrate World Cup goal


    Ghanaian soccer player John Pentsil celebrated the goals scored by his teammates against the Czech Republic at the World Cup on Saturday by waving the Israeli flag at the stadium in Cologne.

    Pentsil, who plays for Hapoel Tel Aviv, is one of three Ghana international squad members who play for Israeli soccer teams.