Israel Is Using Chemical Weapons to Murder Children, Women and Elderly in Gaza

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  1. These war criminals have no respect for the world community. Is murding children, women and old people not enough that they have to do it with weapons of mass destruction?

    Anyone who has any morals and integrity inside them should call for the trial of the war criminals doing this, and have them tried with a penaly of hanging like what was done to Saddam.

    This is an extermination campaign in front of the eyes of the whole world. When will the civilized world call for an allied force to enter Israel and arrest the war criminals, and ship them to the Hague for trial?
  2. It is a real mess in Gaza.
    The first responsibility of a Government is to protect its people.
    This is for Hamas to understand.

    The minute Hamas says it will halt missile launches into Israel the whole war STOPS. There is no way Israel can continue if Hamas says it will halt.

    THREE WORDS from Hamas and all the fighting stops!!!!

    Never in history would it be so easy for the losing party in a war be able to stop the war.
  3. You are supporting the savage acts of barbaric uncivilized people murdering innocent children, women and old people with weapons of mass destruction. You are disgusting.
  4. I want peace. I want the war to stop.

    I say that Hamas can stop the war with three words, "NO MORE MISSLES!!"

    Do you have an easier way to stop the war including the Hamas missles
  5. I'm just curious why the Hamas put explosive booby traps in the homes of the civilians.


    History has shown examples of "children, women and old people" as being soldiers.
  6. Yawn! People die in wars! What's your point?
  7. If Israel can get away with that while the whole world is watching, think what they can get away with when we all get tired of the news? I got tired of the news about a week ago...

    I have known some Palestinians personally. Jew hating Fascists left over from World War II is how I see them. If the news was that Israel had killed everybody in Palestine I think I might say to myself "huh"..
  8. Israel is losing support very quickly

    the Vatican denounced gaza as a concentration camp, and irael called the Vatican 'Hammas propagandda'

    Buh-bye all US Catholic support for Israel
  9. Any society of people that elect terrorists to run the government deserve to be completely exterminated.

    If our country elected Hamas I would advocate anti-terror countries to bomb the hell out of us.

    Riskfreetrading you don't know what Hamas stands for. Sense you have zero vision of political affiliations, motives and goals the only frame of mind you can have is that death is bad! Congrats we know that. What you need to know is that death needs to happen now so more death does not happen later in the future.

    Right now Israel is creating an incentive to deter terrorists from becoming elected.

    Israel will withdraw the violent actions soon and give the palestinians one more chance to elect leaders that are not terrorists.

    If they elect terrorists THEY DESERVE TO BE EXTERMINATED.

    Just because you can't stomach the solution doesn't mean the solution isn't correct.
  10. christians will never stop supporting israel. they need israel. in their storybook called the bible israel is where the myth of jesus returning plays out.
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