Israel Is Refusing Peace (Peace Plan Attached)

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  1. The plan that Israel is refusing is below.

    Reasons why Israel is Refusing:

    1. They do not want independent observers to witness the access points.
    2. They do not want time attached to peace implementation steps.

    Conclusion: If somone does not want european independent witnesses, and does not want deadlines/time, there a reason: INTENT TO CHEAT!

    Pals are getting smart. They now know how Israel cheats. They have seen it cheat for years, so they learned over time, and have requested that time and independent witnesses be included, which israel is refusing.

    So Israel refuses peace, and prefers continuing its killing of babies, women, old people, unarmed people, UN workers, journalists, in addition to intentional destruction of schools, hospitals, places of worship. They hit everything except armed men, because they are scared of the risk of getting hurt if they face armed palestinians. So Israel kills innocents, and respects only the stick.

    PLAN (From Haaretz)


    1. The reciprocal truce would begin on Saturday and be followed by the immediate transfer of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.

    2. The Israel Defense Forces must pull all of its troops out of the coastal territory within the first week of the truce.

    3. The flow of trade in and out of the Gaza Strip must be renewed and monitored by observers from Egypt, Europe, and Turkey.

    4. The Rafah crossing must be reopened and supervised by Palestinian Authority security forces and international observers, until a Palestinian unity government has been established and can take its place.

    5. The truce would be instated for one-year with an option for renewal.

  2. Plan B. Don't shoot me and I won't shoot you. I think that was already on the table though and didn't work.
  3. Yes, because Israel violated all plans multiple times as usual. They shoot, then start crying and shooting at the same time.

    Time for an international force to disarm Israel. Israel only understands the language of force.
  4. Of course it's not peace Israel is refusing, it's a truce on Hamas terms under which Israel meets all Hamas requirements and Hamas does not meet any Israeli requirements - that's what Israel is refusing.

    Hamas is refusing Egyptian truce proposals that take Israel's interests into account as well. They prefer to keep hiding behind women and children. And only Islamofascist morons are stupid enough to not know the difference between peace and truce.
  5. Israel requirement is no witness, and no timeframe to implement. So it has the intention to cheat and/or to dishonor the deal.

    Israel is asking to add a clause (the only clause missing): Pals have to give the right to Israel to cheat and deceive. Who in the world should accept that requirement?

    So Israel is not only refusing peace, but it gave the irrefutable proof (from the horse's mouth) that they are cheaters and deceivers.

    Israel are lunatics.
  6. So why did you lie about Israel refusing Peace? Don't know the difference between peace and truce? Everyone knows that Arabs and other Israel haters lie all the time (and are too dumb to even come up with a good lie) but thanks for reminding us.

    Oh and Israel's only requirement is to make sure that Hamas stops firing rockets and does not rearm. How unreasonable of them.