Israel Intervenes In Libya…for Gaddafi!

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    Al Qaeda Fighters Included in Israeli Force

    By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

    In a move that surprises all but Middle East experts, Israel has promised Libya’s dictator of over 40 years, Colonel Gaddafi, 50,000 troops to aid in crushing rebels set on overthrowing his his murderous rule. According to news sources inside Israel, “troops” are being hired across Africa, Uganda, Sudan, Chad and the Central Africa Republic, including Al Qaeda fighters, to be deployed against demonstrators and rebel forces currently involved in heavy fighting in a two week old attempt to overthrow the Libyan ruler that has left thousands dead.

    In the last 72 hours, rebel leaders have been in contact with Britain and the United States, nations that have promised aid and have positioned forces in the Mediterranean for a decisive strike against Gaddafi. Additional US Marines have been sent to reinforce assault teams on the USS Kearsarge, a helicopter assault ship now stationed off Tripoli awaiting orders to begin operations.

    Libyan airspace is currently open as are her ports, slated for the scheduled influx of military support from Israel, a clear violation of UN sanctions.

    Oil exports from rebel held areas have resumed though oil prices continue to spike, threatening the American economy.

    Though Israeli advisors and intelligence personnel have been on the ground in Tripoli for some time, there are questions as to whether the Gaddafi’s regime can hold on until substantial aid arrives, particularly in light of increasing pressure for a US strike, widely called for, bringing Gaddafi’s rule to an abrupt end. Sources in the region tell us;

    “Israeli military advisors have been “in place” since the first and Mossad teams who have long used Libya as a base of operations in Africa are working to “decapitate” rebel leadership.”

    With American and British forces at the ready and a possible strike eminent, the American military community has expressed concerns about the potential of another “Somalia” disaster. Though American amphibious forces may represent a credible threat to Gaddafi, the actual potential for any American ground deployment in Libya is remote. However, an air action against command and control centers in Libya is much more likely.

    Support for such a strike has been growing across the Middle East after initial concerns about US involvement in the oil rich nation.


    Despite his outward image as an Arab nationalist leader, Gaddafi has maintained close ties with Israel since his takeover of Libya in a military coup in 1969. That friendship, “strange bedfellows,” has finally come to light, one of the many “closeted partnerships” between Israel and Middle Eastern dictators that were exposed by Wikileaks.

    Gaddafi, a Marxist, was himself the subject of a coup planned by British SAS founder David Sterling early on. Sterling was shocked when ordered to stand down, being told that Gaddafi was, though a communist, under the protection of both the United States and Israel.

    Though, for decades, the western press has depicted Gadaffi as a staunch enemy of Israel and Zionism, the two nations have shared covert projects that can be traced as far back as the early 1970s. A consortium of “rogue” states, Iran under the Shah, apartheid South Africa, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Gaddafi’s Libya and Israel sold arms, developed weapons technologies and operated a network of spies, particularly inside the United States, keeping the Soviet Union abreast of NATO military and intelligence secrets and defense plans.

    Of the original “Axis of Evil,” only Libya and Israel remain.


    Libya, in partnership with Israel and the former apartheid regime in South Africa, began developing chemical and germ warfare capabilities. These WMDs were used by the South African forces in Angola and elsewhere, thousands died. Libya funded one of the largest chemical and biological weapons programs in the world, rivaling the former Soviet Union in size, a program thought to be in place as late as 2004. During the same period, a year after the American invasion of Iraq to end a WMD program now proven non-existent, Libya, with Israeli help, developed a nuclear capability and is said to control several “Hiroshima” style weapons, uranium based fission devices.

    As part of this combined program, South Africa built 10 nuclear weapons at their Pelindaba facility between 1975 and 1980.

    The three nations performed one successful weapons test, an 18.2 kiloton uranium weapon on September 22, 1979 on Prince Edward Island in the seas north of Antarctica. This test was observed and verified by both US and Soviet nuclear intelligence services and a “weapons signature” was developed. South Africa ended its program in 1990, shipping 6 of the remaining weapons to the US for dismantling. Three were sold and then transferred to British control and eventually shipped to Oman but disappeared in transit.

    One of these weapons exploded in North Korea in 2009, their only successful nuclear test. Two are missing.

    In March,2004, we are told by informed sources in Britain, Prime Minister Tony Blair made an “emergency” flight to Libya to meet with the Libyan leader, assuring him he would not be facing the fate of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, who had been captured only a few months before by American forces and was awaiting trial.

    It is believed that one of the subjects discussed by Blair was the “possibility” that Libya possessed the two missing weapons from South Africa, weapons Britain had failed to recover.

    Blair left that meeting with a $200 million oil contract for Royal Dutch Shell and an undisclosed long term agreement between Libya and BAE Systems, a British defense contracting firm. There were no reports of what Gaddafi offered Blair in return. Some claims were made that Libya had agreed to end its nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs but these reports, though widely circulated, are both unsubstantiated and unverified.

    Now Libya is threatening its population with chemical and biological weapons with more possibly on the way from Israel.

    Blair has remained an ardent supporter and defacto spokesman for the Libyan “strongman” since being forced to leave office in 2007.


    This could be the first face-off between the US and Israel in the region since the USS Liberty attack in 1967. During that “incident,” Israeli air and sea forces attacked a lightly armed American naval vessel killing or wounding 201 of 296 crew members. American sailors repulsed Israeli attempt to seize the vessel and its crew. USS Liberty survivor, Phil Tourney reports that Israel surveillance planes had tracked the clearly marked American vessel for several hours before the attack Tourney describes as “murderous.”

    “Israel still has a life raft from the Liberty, one they had strafed from gunboats who were also firing on fire and rescue personnel, on display in Tel Aviv as a “war trophy.”

    Though the crew of the USS Liberty is the most decorated in US Naval history, until recently all were sworn to secrecy and threatened with imprisonment for revealing the details of the Israeli assault.


    President Obama used his first United Nations Security Council veto to stop a move toward citing Israel for humanitarian violations against its Palestinian population. In fact, the United States has vetoed UN resolutions calling for humanitarian reforms by Israel and has done so dozens of times.

    Now Israel has become militarily involved in Libya, directly against US policy and UN prohibitions and has done so, oddly protected in these acts by the United States and its “ever so reliable” Security Council veto of any move to modify Israeli behavior.

    Libyan civilians may well, in days to come, be facing Israeli weaponry and even troops, as have the people of Gaza.

    Now American Marines may well be facing that same fate.
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  3. Israel Keeping Ghaddafi Afloat

    On Feb. 18, Israel’s Prime Minister along with his Foreign and Defence Ministers hatched a plot to keep Libyan strongmen Muamar Ghaddafi in power and his opponents dead or wounded. The big three would use Israeli taxpayers’ money to hire mercenaries to slaughter any Libyan who wanted anew leader.

    (ANSAmed) – ROME, MARCH 1 – With approval from the government in Tel Aviv, an Israeli security firm is responsible for sending groups of African mercenaries to Libya to fight the protestors who have been calling for the fall of the Gaddafi regime for the last two weeks, reports Al Jazeera’s website, citing a source in the Israeli press. The journalist from Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot, who prefers to remain anonymous, said that according to speculation in the security sector, Israel looks at Libya from a strategic perspective and in terms of security. The fall of Gaddafi would open the door for an Islamic regime in Libya, accordingto speculation. In a meeting on February 18, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defence Minister Barak and Foreign Minister Lieberman decided to recruit African mercenaries to fight alongside Gaddafi, according to the journalist. During the meeting, they decided to let General Israel Zef, the director of security firm Global CST, which is active in many African countries, to make a group of paramilitary mercenaries from Guinea, Nigeria, Central Africa, Mali, Senegal, Darfur and Southern Sudan available to Abdullah Assinousi, one of the heads of Libya’s intelligence agency.

    In just a few weeks, Libya was crawling with guns for hire, many without knowledge that their paychecks originated at the Bank of Israel. How could Israel justify the ongoing massacre of Libyan civilians by its hired guns? Because Ghaddafi’s defeat would mean an Islamist government, though it’s anybody’s guess if that is even the case. Meanwhile in Israel, the police shot 15 Jews at Havat Gilad with experimental crowd-control bullets, while most of the population was too shell-shocked by never-ending poverty and debt to even care. Would they care if they knew their taxes were paying hundreds of mercenaries $300 to $2000 bucks a day to shoot Libyans? Nah, not when there’s the mortgage to be paid and children to feed. Israelis are too worn down and out to care that their government is risking huge international censure for prolonging the Libyan civil war.

    Gaddafi amasses army of African mercenaries

    Gaddafi is said to have lured some 25,000 mercenaries to quash a popular revolt against his regime. The head of the Libyan Human Rights League Ali Zeidan says Chad is leading this group of foreign fighters including citizens from Niger, Mali, Zimbabwe and Liberia who are being paid between $300 and $2,000 a day. While most of these governments have denied their nationals are fighting as mercenaries in Libya, Mali officials have confirmed hundreds of young Tuaregs from Mali and Niger have been recruited by Gaddafi.

    There may be more to Israel’s support than just the fear of radical Islam taking control of Libya. Fifteen years ago, I interviewed a family of Libyan Jews living in southern Israel, who claimed that Ghaddafi’s mother was Jewish and he was their cousin. Since the protests of Libya turned into a civil war, thanks in part to Israel, interest in Ghaddafi’s Jewish cousins has been revived by the local media:

    Gaddafi tried to buy Israeli political party

    As Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi fights desperately to cling to power, killing thousands of his countrymen in the process, more and more bizarre stories about his connections to Israel are coming to light. According to a Tel Aviv-based organization of Jews of Libyan descent, in 2007 the Gaddafi regime offered a large sum of money for the formation of a “Libyan political party” to run in Israel’s 2009 Knesset elections. Last week we reported on Gaddafi’s suspected Jewish heritage, citing an Israeli television interview last year with an Israeli Jew of Libyan descent who claims to be Gaddafi’s cousin.

    Is it possible that the expensive and insane risks Israel is taking over Ghaddafi is, at least partly, just a family affair?


  4. Hahahahahahahahaha! The zionists ranked the thread down. What can I say, truth hurts.

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    I don't believe this story until I see it on CNN. Since they're leftist it shouldn't be long.
  6. Surprised? Below is a link to Yediot Ahronot, one of the biggest Israeli daily newspapers. If you know any Hebrew speaking friends, he/ she could translate it for you.

    Buddy, check Mike Herira in Panama during Noriaga's time, check the Israeli connections to the AUC (Paramilitary death squads in Columbia), check how they trained the Salvadorian secret police ANSESAL.

    This is their speciality Ricter! They helped Somoza of Nicaragua to fight the Sandinista insurgents and after the fall of Somoza, they filled the gab by aiding the Contra paramilitary death squads, and how can we forget their military support of the Guatemalan Mestizo Army which ended up killing 200,000 Indians. Their involvement was not limited to Latin America, Mossad took the responsibility of training the bloody and brutal Zakak (Iran's secret police during the Shah's time) who were engaged in horrendous atrocities such as melting opposition members in pools of acid.

    These are some examples of their involvement with dictatorship regimes so I am not surprised if they aided Qhadafi.
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    Since the MSM is leftist I'm sure I'll soon see the story there. Anyone can post on the internet, so I have to draw the line somewhere.
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    I don't believe CNN will say bad about Israel

    I will look into this if this is true Israel has crossed the line
    Most people would say Israel crossed the line long ago
  9. The Americans need to understand that if they mess with our ally Gaddafi, we will pull the plug out of Wall Street.

    God bless Israel and Libya.
  10. Well, it's not on BBC and Al-Jazeera either, is it? Nor it's on french or other european networks that have a history of lying about Israel. Try to figure out why it's not there, dude.

    The only thing that's clear from this thread is the sheer lunacy of Israel haters who are willing to believe and spread even the most absurd and ridiculous nonsense and consipracy theories. There was a hoax on the internet a while ago that Israel demanded the US that american troops served in the IDF, there was another hoax that Israel demanded the US to pay aid in Euros. The diarist (sameeh/wael) believed them all.

    Clearly he hasn't learned anything and keeps making an idiot of himself, his hatred completely blinds him. That he's better educated, speaks english and has been living in the West for a very long time gives you a pretty good idea how screwed up in the head his less fortunate arab brethren are and the kind of crap that Israel has to put up with on a daily basis - 350 million brain-washed, blinded by hatred, ignorant, medieval morons.
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