israel hated more than arabs worldwide

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  1. now we know why. they've basically assaulted a helpless peaceful country without provocation using american tax money and weapons to accomplish it. well maybe backward arab country's with trillions of $'s from $100 oil will finally load up on state of the art weapons to balance the power in the middle east
  2. Thats a remarkable distortion of the facts.

    The "facts" are that Lebanon offers hospitality to Hezzbolah and that Iraq and Syria support and fund terrorist activities from that country.

    The "fact" that you overlook this, tells me that you are have a battery operated dildo where your brain should be. The buzzing sounds like mental activity but it is just that motor running.

    Great first post. Keep up the good work.

  3. Maybe if we bomb crap outta their industrial and military infrastructure they will sell oil like crazy to buy food and rebuild their essential infrastructure needs. Hard to focus on militarization like Iran has been doing when you are hungry. They especially wouldn't find it so easy to give away so many munitions to terrorist organizations like hezbollah. This would accomplish a more peaceful middle east and cheaper oil. Sounds like a good plan to me!
  4. readern you give some bs poll. anybody can come up with a bs poll. i talk to 100's of people a day and jews are considered the sneakiest most underhanded people on earth. they think the world owes's them something because of hitler. what they're doing in lebanon is pure murder. this was a 5 year pre planned attack. what hezbellah or hamas have done is no different than a night in nyc yet they destroy a helpless country. YOU'RE RIGHT THIS IS THE INTERNET AND NOBODY SHOULD BELIEVE ANYTHING ON HERE JUST LIKE YOUR BLOTTERS. ONE SHOULD DO THERE OWN RESEARCH AND FORM THERE OWN CONCLUSIONS
  5. I hereby give any and all EchoTrade/Pax employees full permission to verify, with a simple yes or no answer, whether the blotters I've posted to the P/L thread are authentic or not.
  6. So is your typical day something like this:

    "Hey Bob, what's going on?"
    "Not much Big, other than some damn Jew squeezed me for a 1/2 point on the Dec '06 again"
    "Damn sneaky bastards, hold on got another call coming in"
    "Hey Dan, what's up?"
    "Same shit again Big..."
    "The Jews again?"
    "Damn strait"
  7. lol metal spoken like a true jew. i see now you scorn young traders for pm'ing you after you bait them with some bogus blotters. shame on you
  8. You mean like going to see McCoy Tyner at the Blue Note?? You are saying that the arabs are behaving like jazz fans?

    Interesting interpretation - I'm surprised no one has made this point before.

    btw gunslinger... you summed it up. It's the goddamn JEWS. It's ALWAYS the goddamn Jews.
  9. Besides the whole 'Honor & Pride above all else' thing, another interesting cultural phenomenon, unique to Arab society, is the ability of guys like bighitter to <b>actually believe their own lies</b>.

    This old joke reveals much. It is not meant to be racist, but to point out important cultural differences:

    One sunny afternoon, Ahmed was trying in vain to take a nap. His eight children were also present in his small home, making so much noise as to make sleep impossible. Ahmed decided to invent a story to trick the kids into leaving the house, so he could sleep in peace.

    "Hey kids!" Ahmed called to them, "Listen, today is a very special day in the market. They're giving away free bananas to everyone! As much as you can carry!"

    The trick worked perfectly, and all eight children happily ran off to the distant marketplace, taking all their bothersome noise with them. With the house now serenely quiet, Ahmed breathed a sigh of relief, and put his head down to the pillow for some much needed sleep... but not for long.

    Just a minute later, Ahmed suddenly bolted to his feet and started to dress himself. "What the hell am I doing sleeping?" he realized, "I heard they're giving away free bananas in the marketplace! I'd better run over and get some before they run out!"

    My point? It's a cultural thing. I can say positive things about Muslim Arab culture, like the fact that for centuries they were relatively enlightened & tolerant towards minorities when compared to 'civilized' Europe... but it's also true that they really do have a cultural tendency to believe their own lies.
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