Israel Gets Ally to Bomb Iran

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  1. It ain't US, but were gonna sell bunker buster bombs to the United Arab Emirates (source). [​IMG]
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    I think the UAE is going to mail them to Iran with remote detonators so they can set them off as the delivery truck takes them to the proper address. Either that or they are building some huge trebuchets.
  3. Israel will not attack Iran. Iran is too near to Israel and an Israel-Iran war is too risky for Israel.

    The USA must and will attack Iran, with Israeli intelligence support.

    If Iran starts to play dirty, the USA may decide to use the nuclear option, but time will tell.

    Iran must NEVER be allowed to develop weapons of mass destruction. It is a crazy, Islamic Terrorist hellhole.
  4. But the ruling al Nahyan family in Abu Dhabi, the Emirati capital, is seen as one of the most hawkish against Iran among the monarchies in the Persian Gulf
    WHAT??? sell weapons to a monarchy? Hey how about democracy things and other bla-bla? When it's profitable american terrorists can close their eyes.
    funny boy... you realy think you can provoke and be safe? ...and make business as usual while the two fighting?
  5. You have been reported for referring to Americans as terrorists, you muzzie terrorist lover.

    God bless Israel and the USA.

    Soon the threat from Syria and Iran will be over :D :D :D
  6. "Democracy things" have weaknesses too. Look who we have for a President.
    Careful man, that's Obama you're calling an "american terrorist".