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    We - US and rest of world need to not ignore what's going on in the Middle East and take note...I know there have always been problems in this region, and always will be in the future, but I'm not sure how this potentially could impact the rest of the world, not excluding wwIII?

    JERUSALEM -- Israeli tanks and troops poured into the Gaza Strip Saturday night and by Sunday afternoon appeared to have pushed deep into the north of the territory, as the Jewish state launched a ground assault against the militant group Hamas.

    The land attack marks the dramatic escalation of an Israeli offensive that Palestinian hospital officials say has left as many as 470 Gazans dead and over 2,200 wounded since it began on Dec. 27.

    "The objective of this phase of the operation is to intensify the heavy blow already dealt to Hamas and to take control of area from where most of the rocket attacks against Israel originate, in order to reduce those rocket attacks," said Israeli military spokesman Brigadier-General Avi Benayahu.

    Israel launched the offensive, one of the deadliest Israeli assaults on Palestinians ever, in response to intensified rocket attacks by Hamas against southern Israeli communities after a six month ceasefire expired in December......
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    please post your home and work address.
  3. Fuck everyone. This is not an issue for the United States. Our ally, Israel, is more than capable of handling themselves in this matter. The United States cannot be the police of the world. It is morally wrong plus we're fucking broke.
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    Stop doing what? Defending themselves against islamists?
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    When it becomes an issue it might be too late. Islamists are on the march. From Mumbai and Jerusalem to New York.
  6. Too late for what. The USA can still whip any nations ass off to oblivion. Like Bernanke's monetary policy, intervention only makes matters worse.
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    So why Americans were not sitting on the fence when Nazis and communists had been threatening the free world but they should not intervene now? Was it wrong to intervene back then?
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    If you opened up a history book, you'd see the USA was indeed determined to stay out of WWII. Until a certain incident at an tropical island navel base a few weeks before Christmas, anyway. Sure, the US sent aid to the allies, but public opinion was very much against a repeat of WWI. Sitting out made the war harder. We had our own Chamberlains.

    The left was very much opposed to opposing the communists during the Cold War. Our reluctance also dragged that out causing countless additional deaths and years of misery.
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    This historical fact proves exactly the point that the country can choose to stay out of the war until sooner or later it finds the war at it's doorsteps.

    Israel defending itself from rockets fired by Hamas is far different.

    If anything, the United States risks being the evil doers of the world if we continue to intervene in shit which does not directly affect us.
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