Israel fires missiles into Gaza

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  1. Israel fires missiles into Gaza
    Israeli helicopters fired at least two missiles into the northern Gaza Strip early on Saturday.

    Residents said the missiles targeted militants near the Jabaliya refugee camp, in what they called the worst incident since last November's truce.

    An Israeli army spokesman told Reuters news agency the helicopters opened fired after identifying "suspicious movements" near the border fence.

    Three Palestinians were injured, local sources told the Associated Press.

    Islamic Jihad said its militants and others from another group were mounting an operation near the border when Israel fired the missiles.

    A ceasefire was agreed between Israel and Palestinian groups five months ago, but there have been cross-border incidents since then. On Wednesday, an armed Palestinian was shot dead near the border by an Israeli patrol.

    Earlier this week, Israeli Defence Minister Amir Peretz gave the army permission to carry out limited strikes against Palestinian militants accused of continuing to fire rockets into Israel.

    Israeli security sources say that Palestinian militants are trying to upgrade their weapons facilities near the border between Gaza and Israel, in order to prepare for future confrontations.
  2. They need to fire more missiles then until the facility is destroyed.