Israel cellphone companies are cheap

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    Check out CEL for example. 12% devidend and solid business. Good long term investment. Don't expect big jump although it might happen. Chart also looks good. You will be charged 20% foreign tax on your dividend so if you are buying it in your 401K, you might want to sell covered call to compensate for the foreign tax that you cannot get credit.
  2. Regardless of the cell phone company, if world markets take a dive, your stock will take a dive also.

    Second point, you have balls investing in an Israeli company. Obama doesn't have their backs, and they have hostiles all around them.

    Look for other opportunities.
  3. There are a lot of crooks. I would be careful. If those stocks were good, the zionists and owners/companies would have already bought them. If nothing is fishy why would the company not borrow and buy their own stock as this would improve their earning?
  4. This was one of Motley fool global gain newsletter picks, not doing too well.
    Serious question: Do Arabs use CEL services?
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    Everyone had good points. This was a discussion and not forcing people to buy :D
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    But if anything goes bad with CEl, I bet our government will bail them out so your investment is safe :)
  7. not a bad recommendation, i looked at the financials, high return on assets,
    decent pricing,

    hsdpa aka 3.5g network,
    good point out.

    march 2009 crash , not to far from it,
    cell phone services = inflation hedged.


    the only problem is, israel is a small market.
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    Israeli cell phone companies act as a cartel, cooperating and sc***ing their customers. That might explain why they do so well financially.
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    I have heard a rumor that they have a plan to expand their busines into the neighboring countries like Jordan but that does not look feasible now.
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    It is up more than 10% from the time that I recommended. It will pull-back, time to unload and sit on sidelines.
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