Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers

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    "In the past week nearly 5,000 members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special “megaphone” software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chatrooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate. "

  2. The genocide war would not pass the six day. They would exit, as otherwise they will lose another old war "the six day war".

    If the war continues past day six, palestinians will say they have done what "arab armies" have not done in the past.
  3. They may win or lose their battle with the Palestinians, but it's scary how they are conducting a cyber war to pollute open debates in free-societies.

    This creepy stuff is right of out of Orwell's 1984!
  4. (global war on ideas)

    Neocons and Israel - a nice bunch of ideology driven activists... what a mix.
    James Burnham and Irving Kristol - stuff about how enemies should be destroyed using every means - military, economy and culture. Just take a look at the bias in news organizations, and in Hollywood films with stereotyped casting of appearance, ethnicity and implanting of morality... most often biased against "enemies", and using derogative phrases - for inciting public sentiments and antagonism. Political symbolism in the US is also not short of anything Göbbels used...

    Individually, no film or program could be accused of inciting any such polarizing influence... but when one considers the total sum of films, especially the most heavily promoted and touted projects with the highest prestige, biggest "stars" etc ... then the bias, propaganda and influence is clear as day. The same goes for a lot of programs on Discovery channel as well - almost right out of Göbbel's manuals.

    The "embedded journalism" initiative of the US military was the most appaling and large-scale example in modern history.
  5. just an extension of traditional zionist 'shout down' of anyone who questions them

    yahoo answers sure shows the effect of what you're talking about
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    Israel continues its endless wars with the Arabs only because of endless US support, yet US citizens needing support due to recession or the poor get endless thumbs up from their own government. now where is the sense in that?
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    Without alternate viewpoints to something which actually has an alternate view, you end up with a circlejerk. :)
  8. Actually what I've been observing so far is extreme hyperactivity of cyber Islamonazis and their supporters (like you guys who have contributed to this thread). Of course all of you are in a pretty hysterical state of mind as your side (Hamas) is losing badly and has proven to be a paper tiger capable of pushing Fatah cretins off rooftops only.

    So keep posting, your wails are music to the ears of civilized humanity.

    Oh, and the article posted by the OP is dated July 2006. LOL
  9. a_person, dear old friend :)

    Why do you insist that everyone who dears to criticize the tactics of Israel has to be Hamas og "islamonazis"? Are you hoping they will bend backwards to prove your hideous notions wrong?

    By the way, I asked you allot of questions in an old thread, which I am still awaiting your replies to:

    Edit: Actually, this thread is more fit for the topic, so I'll just paste my last questions right here:

    Hope you can take the time soon.
  10. Hey, long time no see, still as ignorant as before and still siding with fundamentalists and terrorists, aren't you? :)

    Anyway let me answer your question - people who criticize Israel only, who never approve of anything Israel does, who never criticize any other country (with the exception of the US perhaps) and certainly never criticize Israel's enemies, people who overlook/excuse gross human right violations all over the world, who ignore and justify threats and attacks against Israel but demonize Israel any time it tries to defend itself - these people tend to be Islamonazis and/or Jew-haters.

    But if you have a better idea as to how Israel should have responded to 10,000 rocket attacks after it withdrew from Gaza 3.5 years ago, if you think Israel had better options after Hamas refused to extend the truce and escalated these attacks - feel free to criticize.
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