Israel Army Shooting a Boy in the Back!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by riskfreetrading, Oct 18, 2009.

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    Read Goldstone report. The crimes described there are repulsive, and to many to make any human sick.

    When are the criminal zionists who committed such war crimes going to appear in the Hague?

    It is a shame on the UK to have intervened to stop the arrest of Ehud Barak, the war minister who was at the helm of the army during its butchering of Pals.
  2. The report was soundly rejected by the entire western world, by every European democracy. It was of course supported by every muslim nation (all of them theocracies), most african nations (all of them dictatorships), Russia, China (undemocratic countries with disastrous human rights record) and a few south american countries.

    Given that all true democracies rejected the report, its credibility is non-existent.

    Oh, and I loved this bullshit video, everybody should actually watch it to see how shamelessly Pallywood operates. They are not even trying to pretend that it was a real event, they are showing a video montage of totally unrelated actions.