Israel and Palestine -- I was wrong.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by alfonso, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. There was a thread on here about Israel/Palestine last year, near the start of the Iraq War, in which I was heavily critical of Israel.

    Since then, I have read quite a lot the conflict there and I would like to reaffirm my position that the Israelis are a pack of dogs.

    Nah, just kidding. I would like to admit I was totally wrong in my views and apologize for some of the things I wrote. Not that holding an incorrect opinion really requires an apology, but being wrong on Israel, I think, is an affront to the hundreds of innocents that have been slaughtered there by the mindless blood-cult of Palestinian Islam inspired terror.

    Opening up Yahoo today, I find a News headline called, "Palestinians Die From Israeli Gunfire", by Ali Daraghmeh. That's definitely an Arab name, and most likely a Palestinian. No suprise then to see him refer to Palestinian "militants", like Hamas, rather than calling them what they are, terrorists.

    What other name could possibly be appropriate for heartless thugs that employ as their primary means of achieving political goals the targeting of innocent civilians? Indeed, whose 'political' goal itself is the complete destruction of not only a political state, but of an entire people, Israel and the Jews.

    Calling them 'militants' gives them a legitimacy that is completely undeserved and opens the door for ascribing moral equivalency to the their (the terrorists') actions and the response of the Israeli military. The latter, disgustingly, is something that is routinely done, not only in thinly veiled 'objective' news reports like the above but my serious academics throughout the world.
  2. alfonso,

    Like you, I have had widely varying and totally contradictory opinions on this issue over the years.

    Several thousand years of history seem to document that these groups cannot live together peacefully. I suppose miracles can happen, but it seems to me the only solution is to move the Palestinians to another area where they can have a secure homeland and not threaten Israel. I know it's not fair to make them be the ones to move, but sometimes fair doesn't work. The alternative is a high likelihood of a large-scale slaughter at some point.
  3. big surprise....

    you're wrong about just about everything, man.
  4. Not anymore!

    Alfonso, your realization and admission are highly admirable. I'm sure we can all look back on our old political beliefs from our teenage years, and say: " What the hell was I thinking back then?"
  5. You write "Several thousand years of history seem to document that these groups cannot live together peacefully. " can you please show me any mention of the Palestinian people EVER before 1967? Let me help you. You won't! Since these people never existed. They were "created" by the arab league to fight Israel. They have no common goal, no nationality, their flag is a rip-off the Jordanian flag, they have no national anthem. The only thing they have in common is hatered to Israel, jews, and anything western.
  6. he could spend his entire natural life apologizing!